Sony recently announced to us that the second volume has sold over 4 million copies

Sony has announced that The Last of Us Part has sold more than 4 million copies in its first week of release.

As announced on the PS blog, Senior Vice President Eric Lampel has published the exciting news that The Last of Our Part is doing very well in terms of second sales. The game has rolled out more than 4 million copies by June 21st, thanks to N Naughty Dog fans and everyone who took part in the exciting release of the game. See the official statement below:

We are extremely grateful to the millions of fans around the world who played the second episode of Last of You with us and shared their experiences with us last week. We set out to tell a new kind of story, one that works with difficult themes and challenges you in unexpected ways. It’s so incredible to hear how the experience with many of you has resonated and to witness the kind of thoughtful discussion it has given birth to. We’re also inspired by your creativity – whether it’s your eye-catching photo mode shots, jaba-dropping gameplay GIFs, or songs you’ve recorded using Eli’s guitar.

Our second part was finally made possible by the efforts of hundreds of talented and enthusiastic developers here at Nasty Dog. We can’t imagine a greater respect than when people show the same emotion when they play it. Thank you for reaching our amazing milestone.

In related news, Sony has released an impressive acclaimed trailer, which boasts remarkable review scores by critics around the web. The video crew at GameRance has joined in the fun here and has a ‘Buy You Before’ video for the sequel. Jack Baldino gave his opinion on the release of the latest games from none other than the only one. It’s safe to say that the naughty dog ​​has outgrown himself with this sequel and has been able to fill the shoe with the classic title originally published.

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Source: PS Blog

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