Sony PlayStation 5 will not launch in October

One ton of shells goes this holiday season. Platforms for next-generation video game consoles are expected to hit the market. While Microsoft was slowly releasing more content for the Xbox Series X, Sony was mostly quiet. We are waiting for the actual release of the billboard and its features, which sets it apart from the competition. However, what we don’t see happening on the panel is an unexpected hit to the market before the holiday season.

You may have noticed that some reports from various reputable publications related to the PlayStation 5 release in October of this year are being published online. This was due to the news of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s work list, which reported that the consolation will be published in October 2020. As a result, the search for this post began to spread on the Internet and spread like wildfire.

Unfortunately, if you hope this is true, you are far from fate. It looks like the transfer in the autumn season won’t mean the launch of a new panel platform. The actual release date is still hidden from the public instead of the holiday window that was on holiday for some time. This was repeated by Sony after the October release date spread.

Sony commented on the Funitsu issue, which said that the list of work related to the release of “PlayStation 5” was incorrect and that instead fans could place the release window at some point during this holiday season. We are certainly looking forward to the flow of an announcement that will appeal to fans not only on the PlayStation 5, but also on the next generation devices of the PlayStation 4 and its rival Xbox Series X.

Source: IGN

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