Sony Impressive has released the trailer for the second part of The Last of You

Sony hasn’t wasted any time and has already put together the much-anticipated trailer for our much-anticipated second installment.

Check out the new trailer below:

“After Eli takes revenge after the traumatic event, he must face the devastating physical and emotional impact of his actions.”


The newly released trailer doesn’t waste any time before you clean yourself up a lot of what these are. The new trailer focuses on the critics’ positive review scores for the new title and makes it clear that the game can be considered a masterpiece. Critics are talking about IGN’s “The Last of the Part II is a masterpiece” and “a sequel like the others” from GameInformer.

The video crew at GameRance has joined in the fun here and has a ‘Buy You Before’ video for the sequel. Jack Baldino gave his opinion on the release of the latest games from none other than the only one. It’s safe to say that the naughty dog ​​has outgrown himself with this sequel and has been able to fill the shoe with the classic title originally published.

Check it out below:

Our last second piece is now finished exclusively on the PlayStation 4 consoles.

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Source: Sony’s YouTube channel

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