Snowfall, star players praise NBA boycott, know NHL needs to do more

Edmonton – They played hockey when others stopped their games, and you can get your opinion on whether it was right.

But when a turbulent night in the sports world came to an end, the Dallas Stars and the Colorado Avalanche made a lot of sense to us when we saw the Games in the first place. In a 4-4 thriller, Himsagar returns to their series with three goals in the final eight minutes, stealing a win that turned out to be around this Western Conference Round 2 series.

“And now we’ve got a series of us,” Colorado captain Gabriel Landescog said at a press conference after the game, which was affected by questions about the NBA, WNBA, MLS and Black Lives Matter movement in the NHL games on Wednesday evening. Some MLB teams did not.

“I think there are different ways to show your activities and what you support,” argued Tyler Seguin of Dallas, who took a very public position after the playoffs began. “Dickey (Jason Dickinson) and I did our first game (on our knees), so I totally support what the MLB and NBA are doing. We decided to play tonight. ”

Here in Edmonton, you wouldn’t know it was a last day around the sports world by referring or paying homage to a scoreboard. A preliminary report said there would be a prequel event here, but they must have countered because they only sang music and played a game to Cockrado and Dallas that would garner growing criticism on social media as soon as they woke up at night. .

Najam Qadri, a charter member of the Hockey Diversity Alliance, also considered the strike.

“It simply came to our notice then when we saw other leagues doing such stuff. We appreciate the NBA (for its position), ”he said.

“The signs, the hockey ups are great and everything. But in the end the words get stale. It’s about action and making a difference.”

As a sports league, the NHL has been heavily criticized for moving ahead with its playoff schedule on Wednesday, with other leagues separating their sides. But setting the routines of individual players on game day, focusing their attention away from social media and the games ahead is a wonderful question for them.

Players on both sides have said that their game-day schedule has obscured what is happening outside of their hockey bubble, both literally and figuratively.

“Honestly,” Seguin said, “I woke up from a mess and I didn’t understand what the NBA was doing until I got to the rink. So, I didn’t have much thought in my head all day thinking about not playing tonight. But as I said, I support what’s going on, I support the movement and I think hockey needs to do more. But I think we can all perform our actions in different ways. ”

It’s a confusing time for Dickenson and Seguin, a few Canadians who aren’t afraid to stand up, but seem a little unsure about the best way to do it.

“Doesn’t playing it solve issues?” Dickinson asked. “No, but it brought attention to it and you know, as Segi said, it happened at the last minute. We woke it up, we were already in game-mode, and it’s hard to keep up with the timing of the game and just change your mind.

“We came from all walks of life, we got boys from all over the country. It is very difficult for some boys to keep this hit at home, ”he added. “I don’t want to say it’s blind or unknown to anyone, but we’re a league of lots of Canadians, lots of Europeans, so it’s tough when something doesn’t hit home. You look at the MLB, you look at the NBA, they’re basically American players so it’s easy for them to hit home. It is easy for them to take a stand against anything.

“Segi and I take a knee and we answer that we are not Americans. We should not be told to do something like that. But we believe that as Canadians we have come close enough that we have the right to say something and we have seen similar things in Canada. . ”

The Stars cleared a 3-1 deficit to take a 4-3 lead with nine minutes to play. But Qadri has won, his seventh and now both teams will see – at least – a Game 5.

Or will they?

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