Snowden pushes new for forgiveness

With President Donald Trump issuing dozens of pardons in recent days, Edward Snowden’s allies are continuing their efforts to get the national security guard’s name on that list, Politico reported.

Trump does not use the general procedure to grant amnesty, so Snowden’s allies in Congress are taking a direct approach: appealing directly to the president.

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ki., And Sen. Matt Goetz, R-Fla. Both are in favor of pardoning Snowden, who has lived in exile in Russia since 2013 and how the government leaked information about Americans spying on Americans. Confuse them.

Roger Stone, Trump’s political adviser, also called on the president to pardon Snowden after receiving his own apology on Wednesday.

Snowden “revealed that James Clapper, the world’s top, most powerful spy in the world, spied for the Americans and lied about it to us,” Paul told Politico. “So I think what Snowden did is a service to the American people and he should be forgiven.”

But most Republicans see Snowden as a traitor in order to strengthen the Americans’ ability to spy. Trump has echoed some once, although he recently said that Snowden was treated unfairly for expressing Clapper’s actions. Trump is known to be trivial to the former director of national intelligence.

Notable Republicans opposed to the apology include Sen. Lindy Graham of South Carolina, Liz Cheney, chairman of the House GOP conference in Wyoming, and Marco Rubio, Florida chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

“I think he’s a worthy traitor to federal prison,” Rubio said.

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