Snell’s comments show a lack of perspective during rapid changes

Self-assessment is an important feature for the necessity of life and discussion. Blake Snell is missing.

He’s a big pitcher, but he’s not someone who unilaterally influences the profit margins of his MLB team or league. So, the advice that he won’t play if he doesn’t pay in full is wrong, misinformed and inconsistent with what’s going on in the world around him.

Snell clarified his feelings on his Twitch channel on Wednesday. Referring to the risky pronunciation of playing in this atmosphere, he said that the salary is not being “cut”.

Snell, who earned বেতন 7.6 million in 2020, said, “I have to make money,” continuing. “I’m not playing without me, okay?”

The 2018 AL Sai Young winner said, “I have to understand, man, let me go, because I don’t get paid, because the risk is through the roof. It’s a short season and pays less than that. I need to get my money’s worth.” If not, I’m not playing, okay? And it’s just for me. ”

“Like, sorry, your people think otherwise, but the risk is hell more and the amount of money I make is much less. Why would you want to do that? Like, you already know, I’m sorry. “

MLBPA chief executive Tony Clark recently noted that the owners agreed in March to pay players a proportionate share of the 2020 paycheck. A lot has changed since March.

If the plan is agreed to, Snell will receive about half the salary for half of his work. Owners are looking for an additional reduction, as these games can be played almost without fans.

In addition, MLB owners are eyeing extra spending in a season when major league venues are expanding to 30 per team and many additional logistical considerations need to be considered. When you consider the additional costs of COVID-19 testing, personal protective equipment, and extra accommodations, add unnecessary costs to your business without adding additional guaranteed benefits.

According to the plan proposed by the owners, the players would get more if the income somehow went to the roof. Is this a better option for MLB owners, who decide that they can’t pay without ticket revenue? In this case, they can stop their purchases and reduce their loss for a year or more. How many frontline player owners in this scenario would say cheap and greedy? How many fans will be angry?

Honestly, Snell is right: he risked his life. And if I choose not to play because of health concerns, I will and it will be 100% helpful.

His player Shawn Doolittle has expressed concern about the benefits of this risk and the concerns are legitimate.

Take it with me, but it seems that we have overlooked the most important aspect of any MLB restart plan: health protection for players, families, employees, stadium staff and manpower to start a season again. Here are some of the ones I found to be interesting:

– Obi-Shan Kenobi Doolittle (@WhatalDudo) May 11, 2020

But Snell brings up two different problems here. Players won’t play it if it’s not safe to play, it’s not a starter. These discussions are taking place with the idea that you can play safely.

When Snell signed a পাঁচ 5 million five-year deal last spring, it ignored the health risks it would face in a global pandemic. This is not a danger. So, it is not sensitive for him to say that he has to get full pay due to health risk because it has nothing to do with the recognition of the number he signed with health risk.

Understanding what the team and league players have earned from their labor has affected that. Well, now it is inevitable that this income will decrease. What if you don’t think it will go down? What if you don’t trust the owners? Therefore, associate wages with income. Then, you are the maximum and minimum partner.

One thing I have to say is that the 50/50 split is not fair because players take 100 percent of the health risk. I understand that. Homeowners can take care of the comfort of their home while players risk their health. However, he did not say that players should be more inclined to earn. He said he wanted the agreement he signed. Well, the reality is that we no longer live on this earth.

With this in mind there is already outside pressure for players to have less possession.

Illinois Governors J. B. Pritzker recently said, “I’m disappointed at a time when players are holding on to higher salaries and paydays,” Illinois Governors J.P. B. Pritzker said recently.

Even former player Mark Teixeira does not maintain the company line.

“You have people all over the world who apply pay cuts. “I’m just advocating for losing jobs, losing lives, putting the lives of front-line workers at risk and accepting such a deal for players,” he told ESPN on Tuesday. “A 50/50 earnings split isn’t crazy.”

What Snell doesn’t understand is his privilege, even in a comparable formatting season where he only posted an ERA 4.29 out of 107 posts. Almost everyone in society had to make some concessions that other parts of the world are doing. The rest of the professional athletes are really there. MLB teams bring in their employees and Snell is annoyed that he has to share profits with the organization?

Some say that Snell has a skill and that free skill is worth paying for. I agree. Anyone should use their power to gain as much economic wealth as they can legally. But Snell doesn’t just earn his salary for his skills. One of the reasons Sanel does that is because he has thrown himself for the MLB team. Over the years, MLB teams have built infrastructure and marketing that helps generate revenue.

Snell may ask to stop hiring tomorrow, but he won’t be paid much for dropping him out of the MLL. KBO’s Dusan Bears or Kia Tigers could sign it tomorrow and earn a maximum of 1 1 million a year, with the highest salary for any foreign player allowed to sign any team.

The distrust of the players by the owners is real. And I get it. But this is a moment in our history where we are all being asked to think collectively, not individually. Is it good for the health of basketball to feel at home even if the players have burging chips? The 1994 baseball strike was plagued by bad basketball, and it was a time when the American economy was booming.

Again, I can’t argue that the 50/50 split is fair or correct. But the idea is not insulting. Marvin Miller has fought hard and wants a headless, floorless free market system. But if that means a World Series again, it’s not a chance for both sides to recover in the future.

Players tend to be warmer and I am usually a professional player in labor negotiations. There are more similarities between the common man with an employee player than with an owner who is an owner. I don’t often come across millionaires vs. millionaires.

However, if the players are not willing to give up something in the conversation with the league, we have a big problem and probably we will not have basketball this year.

And what will Blake Snell do then? It’s not something that pays you millions.

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