‘Snapshot on time:’ COVID-19 can be confusing to compare daily numbers

Milwaukee – There is a lot of information about COVID-19. So which numbers do you need to focus on – and which data is missing?

The Wisconsin COVID-19 takes just a few seconds to get the daily high-resolution animation. But it takes hours to get all the data there. Many features include:

  • Hospital
  • Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Ventilator supply
  • Cases involving gender or age
  • Public housing
  • Recovery results

So how can you scan everything without dropping the graph on the graph?

Dominic Brosard

Dominic Brosard, chairman of the Department of Health at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, said: “It’s worse than not having enough resources.

Brussard teaches risky communication at UW. He further added that all these cases were not beneficial in themselves.

But keep in mind that we’ve identified about two percent of Wisconsin’s 10,700 cases since March 15, giving us a better idea of ​​what’s going on.

“We need to think about why we need this number. Do we want to get out of this? Is this something that shows us how the disease is progressing? Is this something that shows that we are ready to open up resources and more? “Brosard did.

Brosard credits the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) green / light distribution system, because it’s easy to understand and gives us a clear idea of ​​where we’re going. However, he said that we should be careful with the numbers showing the availability of PPE, available aerators and CVD-19 hospitals.

“It’s not really helpful to keep any gaol like time without an explanation,” Brossard said.

What about this kind of thing – the prediction of COVID-19 that will always feel like change?

“They need to change,” Brosard said.

It’s kind of like a FOX6 News viewer’s watch – weather type. All these predictions are made based on different variables. As changes change, so do myths.

The COVID-19 forecast is weather-related in some cases.

“The idea of ​​a model is that what we know today is that we can predict what is going to happen in a week. However, just imagine that we are tomorrow. We have more than yesterday. Then the illustration comes out, ”Brosard said.

The reason it doesn’t work well is to sit there and press all the COVID-19 buttons. You’re better off following a few key points – and these are definitely your belief systems.



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