/Snapshot: Markstrom leads Flame in shotout by defeating Tenev Kans

Snapshot: Markstrom leads Flame in shotout by defeating Tenev Kans

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Shawn Manohan, Dillon Dub and Matthew Takachuk did goal-scoring honors for Saturday’s blazing fire, each descending into power-play.

This was in addition to enough support for their newcomer Netminder.

Among Markstrom’s best saves he was able to get some gloves at first thanks to Alex Adler’s effort and then took a shot from Calgary hitman ex-Jack Vertenen.

During a penalty-kill in the second episode, he grabbed Brock Bozar’s Caesar under his left arm and denied a Calder Trophy finalist, Queen Hughes, for making a drill through the traffic.

Niels Hoaglander threatened to ruin the shutout too late in the regulations, but Marksstr্রমm removed him as well.

And what about Tenev’s best work?

He wasn’t likely to go to the end-end against his old teammates, but he certainly showed his worth in a tiring short hand transfer in the first half. The 31-year-old and his penalty-killing partner, Mark Giardano, was out for more than half of his time in five-on-three situations, 29:29, and he blocked pair shots during this extended time.

Underneath the second one, Tanav got down on one knee again to make sure Brock Boser’s blast didn’t reach the net. The eight blocks will always leave the stat-sheet.

The hosts got their first chance on Saturday, finishing the charming ticket-to-to order with a great touch pass from Takchuk.

This was their second power-play unit that doubled the mid-level lead. You heard Dillon Dive scream for a pass, and Andrew Mongiapen was able to prepare a back-to-back dish in a place suitable for a top shelf one-timer.