/Sky announces new content packet slate with 30 original images

Sky announces new content packet slate with 30 original images

Sky has announced that it will expand its original content throughout 2021 and 2022, as it prepares to launch 30 original Sky movies, 30 original Sky documentaries and three original new dramas.

New films include A Boy Called Christmas by Stephen Frey, Maggie Smith starring Jim Broadbent and Charles Dickens’ famous novel starring Kristen Wig, Twist, Sir Michael Kane and Rita Ora, Dragon Rider., Voiced by Felicity Jones and Patrick Stewart, and Two Olivia starring Hugh Bonneville and Kelly House.

This is a significant increase from the two Sky original films they released last year, including The Secret Garden and Four Kids and it.

Following the launch of their new truth-seeking channels last year, their new documentaries include Sky Documentary, Sky Nature and Sky Crime, Sky, Chernobyl., Directed by Emmy Award winner James Jones, Positive, British HIV / AIDS, and Bumbar: Merder at the Farm, based on the brutal murder of Jeremy Bumbar in 1975, co-produced with Louis Throx in 1975.

Throughout 2021 and 2022, three new original plays have been written and produced by Dollywood Fur (The Night Manager), including Mid Paul Abbott (Shameless, Clocking Off), Midwich Cucos, and Wolf, extinct from Giri / Haji writer Joe Burton.

The revered Wolf was played by the still obsolete forensic pathologist Professor Wolf Kinte Babu Sisse (Guerrilla, Rogue One), described as “half genius, half liability”, but he always got the job done. Every week Wolf was taken to a new environment to assemble parts for crime solving – not what anyone expected.

The series also stars Amanda Abington (Sherlock), Natalia Tena (Harry Potter, Game of Thrones), Naomi Young (Poison, Brave New World), Adam Long (Vera, Happy Valley) and Shanika Okov (Small Axis, Anthony). Will air in the fall of 2021.

Fars the Midwich Cucos is a modern adaptation of John Windham’s classic science fiction story, set in a typical sleeping town in contemporary southern England, which suddenly faints on a mysterious September evening. The actress has not been announced yet, and the drama will air in 2022

Extinction is described as a “propulsive action thriller” that follows the story of a man starring Papa Acidu, who keeps the same day alive again and again.

It is set to explore the boundaries of memory, destiny and love and self-sacrifice. Actors include Tom Burke (Strike), Anjali Mahindra (Bodyguard) And Caroline Quantin (Men are behaving badly). The series will be published in 2022.

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