Sketchy rumors suggest that the second-generation AirPods Pro could come in two sizes

A new sketchy rumor has been released based on a few images of what the new hardware might be for the next generation AirPods Pro. The two-size speculation for the AirPods Pro 2 comes from Mr. White. He doesn’t have a very reliable track record but has gained access to unpublished Apple hardware and predicted some things accurately in the past.

Rumor has it that the second-gen AirPods Pro hardware

What Mr. White is saying here is showing the AirPods Pro components and the cable length on the left is significantly different between the two parts which could be the second-gen AirPods Pro. The two on the right seem to have the same material from the existing AirPods Pro for the same size.

Mr. White doesn’t believe in himself too much but gives the speculation that the new AirPods Pro could come in two forms. He included an image showing the chip used as the W2.

Bloomberg shared a report back in October stating that Apple would make the new AirPods Pro smaller by removing the stem and getting a more rounded shape and a better fit. However, we have not yet heard other reports about them in two forms.

AirPods Pro 2 Possibilities

One possibility here is that Mr. White got his hands on prototype hardware that could not necessarily produce it. Bloomberg warned that Apple could go for a “less ambitious” design than expected for the AirPods Pro 2 due to the difficulty of packing antennas, ANCs, mixes, etc. into a more compact form factor.

And while the AirPods Pro already comes with multi-size ear tips and an ear-fit, it’s not clear how much the next General AirPods Pro will be worth in two sizes. But there are always opportunities beyond Mr. White’s idea.

Another possibility is that the hardware of different sizes may again be for the newly designed AirPods 3 and possibly smaller AirPods Pro2.

As a reference to the W2 chip, the AirPods Pro (AirPods and AirPods Max) uses the H1 chip, which is the successor to the W1 chip used in older AirPods. We haven’t seen a W2 chip yet so it’s possible Mr. White could be predicting the next General AirPods Pro stick with H1 based on his comment “still W2 chips”.

Black AirPods Pro 2?

Another interesting tidbit was Mr. White’s response to a question about the AirPods Pro 2 being black. Again this is probably just speculation but of course something Mr. Mr White who is interested in does not explain why he does not think black is good for airpods.

I probably don’t think airpods are black

– Mr. White (@LowByTD) December 29, 2020

It’s a good idea to take this speculation about salt grains from Mr. White. He certainly has a messy track record. For example, he got his hands on Apple’s 20W power adapter before it launched this year, but erroneously predicted that it would ship with the iPhone 12 Of course, now we know Apple completely discontinued with a power adapter and sold the new 20W model separately By

Mr. White and others also shared photos of an unpublished brake power cable that some thought could bring the iPhone 12 that it hasn’t started, at least not yet.

Apple’s next-gen AirPods and AirPods Pro are expected to make their debut in 2021. Stay updated on everything we know about AirPods with our guide here.

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