SIM’s only best deal is Black Friday 2020

Only three SIMs deal

The three are currently doing great work on their unlimited data sim. Get 5G Ready SIM with unlimited data, minutes and text for মাসের 22 per month for 24 months. The best part? Half the price for the first 6 months – so you’re just paying ড 11 a month for unlimited data.

For those who don’t like to be tied up, the 6-month half-price contract includes a one-month unlimited data SIM in the 12-month plan (so 13 13 in the first month) or a six-month half-price plan for their 12-month 4GB applicable 24-month plan (so the first one month ড 6).

It’s not quite unlimited, but you can get absolutely 100GB of data for £ 18 a month with unlimited minutes and text.

For those who find plenty of 8GB data, it’s available for ারে 9 a month with unlimited minutes and text.

Voxy SIM only transacts

The great thing about Voxie is that they have all the plans. ‘Endless social media‘- so you can browse social media applications without using data. They are not bound by any agreement – so you can cancel at any time.

Voxie has data options all the way up to the limit, but their best price deal is currently 12 12 per month for 12GB of data. It comes with unlimited calls and text and free European roaming.

ID SIM only deals

ID also provides a 30-day rolling contract – so at the end of each month you can change your data allowance, or cancel altogether without any consequences. All their plans come with unlimited minutes and text, roaming and data rollovers:

Smart SIM only deals

Smarty also offers monthly rolling deals with no credit checks and unlimited minutes and text:

They have plans that refund unused data:

EE SIM-only deals

EE has a faster 4G network in the UK and comes with a wider coverage – so you might want to consider these plans for some very fast data businesses. Most of their deals come with free 6-month Britbox and Apple Music as well as three-month BT Sport:

See what EE Black Friday is planning on Black Friday with the 2020 Deal page.

Virgin SIM only deals

All of Virgin’s SIM-related plans come with unlimited lessons and minutes, data rollover and data free messaging.

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