/Simon Cowell paused 12 Eo Singer seconds in performance then an unfortunate incident occurred

Simon Cowell paused 12 Eo Singer seconds in performance then an unfortunate incident occurred

In 2009, when Shaheen Zafar Gholi was 12 years old, he auditioned for ‘BGT’. Amy Winehouse was very confident in her “Valerie” presentation, but Simon Cowell had a different opinion. He stopped Shaheen for a few seconds of his performance and you won’t believe what happened next. Check out the unforgettable audition below.

Thamal Simon Cowell Shaheen Zafar Gholi During the ‘BGT’ audition

Shaheen said that he has sung “Valerie” everywhere in the past and only liked to sing that particular song. All of this had a clear structure to Simon which shows that sometimes he can be a bit picky when choosing a song. As soon as Shaheen started his performance on the stage, Simon also raised his hand in the air. ‘BGT’ fans know that this means that Simon is suggesting a second song.

“You really got it wrong,” Simon said, looking at the audience and members of the judging panel in disbelief. Shaheen offered to sing Jackson’s second song “Who Loves You” 5. Shaheen started the song with the strongest high note and again Simon proved that he knows that the contestants are more likely to deliver than with their first song.

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As soon as Shaheen poured everything he had into the performance, the crowd erupted in joy. The judges stood at their feet to praise the young singer. “That’s how a song can change your life,” Simon said. “And young man this could be the beginning of something special for you.”

Shaheen’s performance was so good that it gave Amanda Holden goosebumps. He was voted in the semifinals where he sang “And I’m telling you I’m not going.” This sent him to the finals where he again sang “Who Lovin ‘You.” The Tuti dance group was won by Diversity.

Shaheen is not the only contestant whose audition was stopped by Simon. Check out the compilation below to find out what happened when the entertainment moguls stopped these auditions.

Where is Shaheen now?

After appearing on BGT, Shaheen shared his gift with the world and Michael Haxel reproduced the Jackson song which made him feel viral. She sang at Michael’s Memorial in 2009. Shaheen has started a very successful acting career. He has played the role of Shakil Kazemi in the hit soap opera EastEnders. Shaheem played the role of Jinny in Aladdin’s production of The New Victoria Theater.

He joined the Casual Drama series as Marty Kirkby. “I mean, I can’t say the best when it comes to romance – I’m 23, I still don’t understand! But Marty is just a frustrated romantic, and she needs to think with her head rather than her heart, ”he said of her, known for her relationship counseling character.

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Although he denies being a romantic type, Shaheen has been rumored to be dating his East Enders cast Tilly Keeper in 2012. They posed for a few photos together on social media and fans questioned whether they had any items.