Silent Hill fans are once again disappointed with the Sony event

Over the years, fans of the Silent Hill franchise have been waiting for something to come out. After breaking Team Silent, which had created some incredible work for the franchise, the IP was thrown into the hands of various Western developers. In the eyes of Silent Hill fans, the results are mostly unnecessary. This latest batch of games is known for Team Silent and lacked its detail. Somewhere along the way, it seemed that Konami was allowing Hideo Kozima, one of their most renowned developers, originally known as the Metal Gear Solid franchise, to work on the next thrilling installment.

It came in the form of PTT and was later published as Silent Hills. This development was in a very short time due to the fall of Kozima and Konami. Eventually Silent Hills was canceled and Kozima went to create his own game development studio, Kozima Productions. Fans have once again seen Silent Hill toss in a dormant state, only to be picked up from Konami for display on a gambling machine. Silent Hill is returning in a huge way that there were regular rumors going around that for fans it was going to change with reassurance today.

Rumors were circulating that Konami was working with Sony to restart Silent Hill. The game was going to be in the hands of several key team silent members as it worked under Sony. Several credible leakers set an announcement at some point in June, hinting at a return to Silent Hill PlayStation 5 but eventually backtracking.

Hello to the sun compared to the FNAF symbol

Rumors are starting to subside a bit now but fans are hoping that Silent Hill will be announced during today’s event. In fact, there were plenty of examples that looked like we could find something like the Silent Hill sign in the trailer at Five Nights at Freddie’s trailer, sounded the siren before the Fornet trailer, and found the truth of a shadow দৃশ্য a scene that seemed to be visible before the war be god. For now, it looks like the IP will remain dormant.

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