Siemens Partner in New Suite of Touch-Free Tech for Workplace, Workplace

Salesforce and Siemens have partnered on a new workplace technology suite that aims to help employees create a shorter-clean office environment for businesses when they return to work. The partnership integrates Siemens’ smart infrastructure services with Salesforce’s, including its Comfy and Enlightened IoT applications.

Key products will include mobile boarding passes for employees to access office buildings and lifts, and an occupancy management system that allows employees to save conference rooms and desks via the Confy app.

In addition, the employee will provide a business process for finding manual, opt-in contacts at, the occupancy and location data provided by Illuminated and Integrated in Kaifi, including check-in and desk and room storage.

“The safe return of people to the workplace is a global challenge, and companies need to protect their employees to build trust and confidence,” said Roland Bush, deputy CEO and managing board of Siemens AG. “While laying the groundwork for long-term digital transformation in the workplace, we can quickly support global businesses with Salesforce in implementing technologies that support employees as they return to the office.”

Enterprise technology vendors have developed a variety of platforms aimed at managing work through epidemics and returning to the physical workplace. Salesforce launched last month in response to the epidemic. The site gives companies access to a “command center” application, which provides a common interface for tools that can manage a business’s post-coronavirus work.

Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya. These resources pay more attention to helping stabilize business activities before reopening opportunities – such as cloud telephony or digital signature tools.


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