Siakam can detect large amounts as the risk trend continues in the early stages of the radiators.

Play better.

Falling in line, it seems to be at the center of a mini-controversy surrounding franchise Kornstone Pascal Siakam as the club continues its frustrating opening in the 2020-21 season.

Siakam was back in the starting lineup after New York surprisingly took the bench against Nick for disciplinary reasons on New Year’s Eve, but he also had court battles – collectively rapper fights.

Siakam is not playing well and has not been playing well for a while.

Finding a way to break that cycle is a good explanation for him to be on the bench as anyone, and the Raptors head coach said as much as he did before returning SAP to the lineup against the New Orleans Pelicans on Saturday night.

“I think he’s got a lot of his skills in this league from this pace, playing hard, playing happily for the game,” the nurse said. “And I defensively think he’s a player’s hell when he remembers her. So, I guess that’s probably where it started. “

Presumably, if Siakam had been wandering around, some differences would have been ignored or left without comment. But since he has been playing average-to-poor basketball before the NBA reopened in August, tolerance is limited.

After the New Orleans Pelicans beat the Reuters on Saturday night, the issue remained first and foremost, dropping Toronto to 1-4, the worst start since it was 0-9 in 2005-06. In this fast-paced fire season, the Raptors need to find it quickly while hosting the Boston Celtics Tampa on Monday night before heading west for a four-game road swing.

It was in the second round of Toronto, the seven-game loss to the Celtics that it became very clear to ignore Siakam’s bad game.

That his game doesn’t return to its pre-break values ​​- even after a carefully calibrated off-season regiment – should be a concern.

And Siam’s misfortunes continue on the team’s lockstep. He finished with 10 points, four rebounds and three turnovers, while foul trouble limited him to just 25 minutes of finishing his night to do well with the 8:30 South to play in the fourth quarter.

The decision to leave the bench and walk into the locker room after a foul against Philadelphia 76ers on Tuesday was decided by the nurse who gave him the benching motivation – through management’s approval.

If there is no dramatic backstory the details surrounding the decision are narrow. Sikam stayed in the script while speaking to reporters for the first time on Saturday after being out of the lineup.

“I’ve talked to the team, talked [Raptors general manager Bobby Webster and president Masai Ujiri]Talking to my teammates, I think we’re just going to continue the discussion and we’re trying to find a way to continue the winning streak, “Siakam said.” We’re a winning team and losing is not acceptable. I think that’s what we’re focusing on right now. And we will try to continue to be better as a team. For me, everything was discussed and we are moving forward. “

There were no fireworks on Saturday night, but Siam’s performance may still be desirable left

“He fought, no doubt about it,” the nurse said. “I thought he had some great dramas and some good drives, but he did fight. [was a] The rhythm half-speed on both ends is a bit slow, which is causing him a lot of trouble and not allowing him to be able to finish some plays at the offensive end. ”

This is a big problem. Sikam is considered to be the best player of the fastest rappers after Kyle Lowry most of the night. It’s a long order, but he’s fully compensated for the problem, and his performance through the last three games has been – 15.3 points in 33 percent shooting, 10 turnovers and only six trips on the free throw line – that’s how he performed after the resume. And especially the playoffs against Toronto and Boston.

Pressure mount.

“He’s not the only one, it’s the whole team,” said defender Fred Vanvlett, who led the team straight into the second game with two straight points and five assists. “And the feeling of this team is … like tonight, for example, I thought we’ve fought hard, not the whole game, we’ve played well enough to win the sport, but we’re in a hole so that this pain makes us 4-0. Or much more than whatever our record is.You know what I can’t wait to say?

The Raptors took a 60-55 lead in the half, but the Pelicans continued the process of dropping Toronto 14-2 after a two-minute stretch to 14-2 in a two-minute stretch – with a lorry lay-up to play non-stop Raptors with 2:47 to 113. Leads to -111.

But the run stopped, did not return with a pair of turns. In this line of the fourth quarter, the Pelicans were able to close the rotors with the help of Brandon Ingram Free Throw – 22nd and 23rd points in New Orleans.

“If it was a regular LL’s loss, we’d just wave their hands and get on the plane,” Vanville said. “But once you get into that hole, every [loss] You feel it more and more and I think Pascal is just trying to work himself out of it. And I’m confident he will, and I don’t think he played this bad tonight but he wasn’t just playing with fouls and coming out of the rhythm of the game. But he will be fine. ”

The raptors did not come here by chance. Against the young but talented pelicans, the raptors were pushed in a bigger way, the better the team tended towards their younger ones: in the offensive glass fights they were 15-10; They saw the Pelicans take 47 free throws – and the fourth quarter alone 28 – 27 for the Raptors; And they lost the battle to the young star players, as Brandon Ingram went on to a 31-season high point in 17 shots.

Meanwhile, Siakam doesn’t look like a strong gamer who has turned himself into a team in the first round of the fourth season a year ago.

He picked up two fouls early in the second quarter and his body language suggested a frustrated, almost frustrated player.

To be his best, he said he would have to play happily – something that was lost after losing his life in Toronto during the epidemic and his conditioning in the bubble and a fierce battle with the game.

It’s still a struggle, and doesn’t help to become a stupid magnet.

“Obviously if you have two fouls like the first two minutes of the first half, be willing to be aggressive and do something in a certain way and you don’t want to get this third bad or whatever happens,” Siakam said. “But it’s tough. When it becomes obscene you really want to feel like you are fouling someone. After touching here and there, when you get calls from them and of course it gets better for us, I get better definitely I can’t stay out of the game at that point.

He was asked what he could do to get more than twice the number of lines in the game.

“It simply came to our notice then. I don’t know, I don’t know. I’m trying to figure that out. “

But when he went to realize it, the nurse was expressing some harsh love – perhaps in an attempt to remind Siakam that he played in the league with strength, speed and an opportunistic attitude on both sides. The burden of becoming the first option sometimes seems to shift to other parts of her game and the nurse doesn’t have it, it seems like it’s a message.

It at least explains what the severe punishment was for a minor sin. Other players have done a lot of work in the basketball context and have gone unpunished, and the Raptors continue to dress and play Terrence Davis in the off-season, facing seven charges related to alleged domestic violence.

But the nurse was not willing to ignore Siakam’s misstep, and was not interested in removing it when asked about it before the Pelicans play.

“Listen, this is what we’re trying to do here a bit and try to perform it early in the season and not let it get prolonged,” the nurse said. “And again, how we want to play is just an expectation, not how someone wants to play individually. But we want to set certain values ​​and they should just go with them. And he can do it, Geez, he can do it, it’s probably the first part of the process, but he can do it.

Considering the way things got through five games, the raptors need SICAM to determine this – it’s even faster.

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