Should same-sex couples be cast at first glance? Jamie Otis weighs

Jamie talks about how getting married can change things at first sight. Peak Credit: Lifetime

Discussed with Jamie Otis that first-seat gay couples at Married should express their thoughts on how the Lifetime star reality TV show could be more inclusive.

MAFS has had 11 seasons and eight spin-offs, but never had a gay couple. Fans are asking why the show is being considered the most popular dating show on television.

Now, Jamie is shedding light on this topic as well as another possible matchup that could be discussed.

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The US version of MAFS lacks same-sex couples

Jamie chatted with Fox News about the show which made her a star and introduced her to her husband Doug Heiner.

This couple has a few success stories of MAFS. They welcomed their second child, son Hendrix, in May. Doug and Jamie are considered a post-couple in the U.S. version of MAFS and even appear at first glance in Spin-Off Merid: Couple Cam.

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In June, Lifetime began airing MAFS Australia, which featured gay couples. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however;

According to Jamie, this is one of his conversations with the producer and Lifetime. What it ultimately comes down to is the applications the network receives from potential cast members.

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“I know,‘ the married American version of First Philosophy would love to show that variety. It just comes down to the logistics of casting, which I was told, and who is actually applying and things of that nature, ”Jamie shared with Newsletter.

Jamie hopes the network has discovered a more diverse pair

Despite the logistics of the application, Jamie is hopeful that the network will find ways to become more diverse – regardless of race, sex or age.

“I want to see more of this in the American version. I’m rooting for it ’I hope it comes soon, no matter who he is,” Jamie revealed. “Love is love, and I support it.”

Jamie further mentioned that MAFS Australia has found a way out of the logical issues.

The Australian show featured a gay couple and a lesbian couple. Craig Roach and Andy Anker were cast in Season 3, and Amanda Mickleleff and Tash Harz appeared in Season 7, along with MAFS, Andy and Craig, as well as Tash and Amanda divorced.

Fans may have to wait a little longer to see the gay couple in the US version of First City of Married.

Married to the first: Couples air on Cam Lifetime on Wednesday 8 / 7c.

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