Shares of APL set an intraday record of $ 140, a shy 88% growth for 2020

It looks like the APL 2020 could close at a record high. Today, Apple’s shares hit a record intraday close to 140 140, with the market cap moving to close at 3 88.3 trillion, keeping the stock’s growth at an impressive 88% YoY.

Well known by Bloomberg, AAPL shares jumped nearly 1% this morning to reach a new intraday high of 13 138.78. At the time of writing, the stock has slipped somewhat around 6 136.

Apple became the first public-trade company to reach the T 2T market cap milestone in August 2020. Now, almost four months later, it has jumped to ৩ 2.3 trillion. Apple has spent a strong year during the epidemic with a world-dependent technology that relies more on work, education and technology than ever before.

Following the launch of new products, including the iPhone 12 lineup, Apple Silicon M1 Max, AirPods Max, and more, APLO got a boost in news of plans to build an Apple-branded electric vehicle. The matter came from a close source after the matter remained quite silent. Even the delayed launch forecast for any Apple car around 2026 or later did not lower AAPL.

Other new launches later this year that could prove crucial in moving forward with the acquisition of services include Apple Fitness + and Apple One service bundles.

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