Settling parts of the ‘heat dome’ United States as virus rabies

A huge, intense heatwave called the Heat Dome is settling in several parts of the U.S. and could hit 100 degrees-plus in some cities, making coronavirus the most vulnerable to illness due to high heat and humidity, CNBC reported.

Daniel Swain, a climate scientist at the UCLA Institute, told Wired that the warm dome is “really just a sort of movement sort for a constant and / or strong high-pressure system that occurs in the warm season.”

“So the same wind that could probably be 80 degrees above a few thousand feet, you bring the same wind – without adding any extra energy – down to the surface in a high-pressure system and it could be 90, 95, 100 degrees,” he said. .

More than 3.7 million Americans have been infected with COVID-19 and about 142,000 have died. Many scientists have claimed that heat will be effective in keeping coronavirus cases low, but this has not been the case, especially in the warmer states of Texas, Arizona and Florida.

“Any two people in the world can spread COVID-19 to each other at any time, which means the weather is not the steering wheel in a non-immune population,” said Colin Carlson, an assistant research professor at Georgetown University who studies the relationship between climate change and infectious diseases. , USA Today told.

“There’s a combination of what you need to do: stay away socially, use a mask, wash your hands and be careful about who you’re communicating with. I don’t want people to just stop all these things because they think going out solves all these problems. “

Climate change is already continuing to heat up more this summer across America, and 2020 is certainly going to be the hottest year since the record was set in the 1800s.

Many cities, including New Orleans (120), Houston (111), Phoenix (111), Orlando (101) and Death Valley, California (128), have reached temperatures above 100 degrees this week. Record in the world in the last three years

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, about 50 million Americans will be affected by the heat dome.

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