/‘Serving the American People’ as HHS Secretary resigns today, January 20

‘Serving the American People’ as HHS Secretary resigns today, January 20

WASHINGTON (News Nation Now) – Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar tweeted his resignation letter to President Donald Trump on Friday night, saying he would remain secretary until the Biden administration takes office on January 20.

Azar’s resignation took effect at noon on January 20, according to a January 12 letter from President-elect Joe Biden.

Azar made it clear in his tweet that he was still serving Americans at HHS after a different story broke in another media outlet. He continued, “I believe it is my responsibility to assist in ensuring a smooth transition to the President-elect Biden’s team during the epidemic and to remain Secretary by January 20.”

“I wrote to my other political appointees this week, effective at noon on January 20,” Azar noted.

In a January 12 letter, Azar called the administration’s success, including the rapid development of the coronavirus vaccine and treatment, which he said “saved millions or even millions of American lives.”

Azar, however, expressed concern that last week’s rally at the Capitol Building and Trump’s baseless claims of widespread voter fraud “threaten to tarnish this and other historic legacies of this administration.”

Azar wrote in his official resignation letter, “The attack on the capital was an attack on our democracy and the tradition of peaceful transfer of power.”

(Reuters reports Eric Beach’s contribution; edited by Tim Ahman)