Sen. Rick Scott on Blue Ventures: Landing in Florida.

New York under the Governor. Andrew Cuomo has made a mistake in his budget, he is watching the mass movement of the people and he is also looking for valuable ships like Florida so that Army Rick Scott, R-Fla.

“I don’t think that’s right; I don’t mean that by looking at their finances, state taxpayers will pay more attention to countries like New York who don’t know what to do. “They mean,” said the Scottish Cats’ Roundtable, 970 AM-NY.

“During the eight years I was in government, I gave one-third of the state’s revenue. I deducted duties and fees 100 times and weighed tax-free with expenses. No money .. Andrew Cuomo has a protest .. and his stock has risen and Florida likes these taxpayers [keep him out].

“I don’t think it’s appropriate enough.”

There is a growing innocence in blue states like New York, New Jersey and Illinois, Scott told host John Catsymatidis.

“Residents of these countries need to be involved in their work,” Scott added. “We need to figure out how to survive in our careers and they all need to work together.”

Scott added, many New Yorkers went to Wellington.

“Cuomo has really hurt me since I was elected because I put business and people in Florida, he can’t take care of them,” Scott said. “People keep going because he has broken the tax system and the administration. Come down to Florida. “

20 2020 Newsmax. There is hatred.

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