Select the Microsoft Knot Long Production Xbox One model

When it comes to Microsoft, there is a lot of focus and anticipation on the release of the next generation Xbox Series X console. By 2020 we knew the company was planning the next console launch and the coronavirus health epidemic outbreak must have put a wrench in some of the plans that Microsoft had planned to launch, it doesn’t seem to stop the console store from hitting the shelves. Still, as the next generation goes public, some may wonder what this means for the current generation of Xbox One models.

We already know that Microsoft plans to keep first-party games cross-generation, which means there will be no Microsoft-released exclusive for the Xbox Series X. However, there will be some limitations on what models will be available for newcomers to purchase the unit.

In a statement released to IGN today, it appears that Microsoft is no longer going to make Xbox One X or Xbox One S all digital versions. These two consoles will be killed from production, but Microsoft will continue to produce the standard Xbox One S model in the market. This is because of the investment being made to reveal the future of their gaming with the Xbox Series X. The statement said that Microsoft was taking “natural steps” to stop production for selected Xbox One models.

Unfortunately, we don’t know when the Xbox Series X will hit the market. Neither Sony nor Microsoft has come out to warn fans about when it will hit the market this year and at what cost it will bring back gamers. Looks like there’s a waiting game to see which unit will take the first step in setting its price per unit.

Source: IGN

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