Sekiro: Shadows Die has twice been declared an art book for these falls

From the developer software’s title game of the year – Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, will get a new artbook after this fall.

The new art book will feature more than 300 pages that will showcase Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice Ideas, Concepts and Storyboards. The book will be published by Yen Press and will be published on October 20, 2020 in almost all bookstores, including Amazon, Books-at-Million, Burns and Nobel.

Artbook retail will run you around $ 50, but if you’re a fan of the critically acclaimed game, you’ll probably want to pay for it, as it will be quite informative.

  • Date of sale: 10/20/2020
  • Price: .00 50.00 US / .00 65.00 cans

Experience SEKIRO’s unique take on the more than 300-page storyboard, character design and concept art of Japan’s Sengoku Period blood-soaked history!

In related news, developer FromSwarware announced a few weeks ago that a new update is also coming to this Fall game.

The new update will be titled “Additional Features”, and is set for release on October 29th for all platforms. The new update will bring fans three new outfits, a gantry of energy and a few more features of the game. Sekiro was one of the best games of last year and it was nice to see some activation and development from the software to the game. Learn more about additional features updates right here!

The False Artbook for Shadows Die Twice will be released on October 2nd. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is currently available for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Are you planning to pick a copy of the artbook? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Yen Press

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