See a preview of NASA’s animation on Friday’s ISS Spacewalk

NASA’s first spacewalk since January will be held at the International Space Station (ISS) on Friday, and the space agency has posted a brief animation (below) of what astronauts Chris Cassidy and Bob Behenken will do while out.

The pair have spent the past few days detailing Spacewalk, which can last up to seven hours. Cassidy and Behenken practiced getting in and out of their spacesuits, with the help of NASA astronaut Doug Hurley.

Spacewalking is not an easy task, but our াসাNASA_Astronauts provide extensive training for these moments. This animation shows how @Astrobihenken and @Astro_SL will work in space to complete the battery replacement of @SperatStation ‘.

– NASA (@NASA) June 24, 2020

Friday’s output is the first of two planned spacewalks for the mission’s 63 plans, the second scheduled for Wednesday, July 1.

The goal of the walk is to replace the old nickel-hydrogen battery with a new lithium-ion battery in the space station’s Starboard-6 truss structure. The battery stores the energy collected from the main solar array and distributes it throughout the orbital laboratory.

The new battery is currently attached to the outside of the space station surrounding the Japanese HTV-9 cargo spacecraft, which was docked in May. Battery replacement work actually began in 2017, with the upcoming two spacewalks expected to finish the job.

Behenken and Harley arrived at the ISS earlier this month to include the first crew use of the Crew Dragon spacecraft in the first SpaceX astronaut launch. Cassidy boarded a Russian Soyuz spacecraft in April.

Cassidy and Behenken are both spacewalk experienced rans

Behnken recently revealed that the highlight of any spacewalk for him is that you have a surprising view of the world. He said that once you finish the job, “it’s always important to take some mental pictures, some mental pictures to remember what it was like to be outside” so that you can share that experience.

Fancy dive into Friday’s Spacewalk live coverage? Find out more about how you can view it online.

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