Secret groups removed during the COVID-19 epidemic have been removed from the App Store

In 2020 it was about social distance and staying at home, COVID-19 was a controversial app to promote secret private parties during the epidemic. Thanks, the iOS app has been removed from the App Store this week.

“Wave Together” was recently introduced as a new way for people to promote secret parties that did not occur during the epidemic. “Be your rebel. Start your party,” the application website said – it was also taken down.

The idea for the app was to offer a platform where users could organize underground groups and promote them if they wanted to take any part. Those who were allowed to join the team received the address two hours before the event.

According to The Verge, the app was abruptly removed from the App Store and its official Tiktok account was also banned. In some areas, the current state of the COVID-19 epidemic makes it illegal to party with a reasonable number of people – so it’s not clear why Apple approved the app in the first place.

Albin, one of the co-founders of Verge Together Vibe, was able to speak. Albin said the app had thousands of users and interest in the app grew after Ticket shared some demo videos. To gain access to the app, users had to share their Instagram profiles to prove that they weren’t spying on anyone to spy on events.

Some awesome guys created a complete app for finding and promoting COVID-unsafe big, indoor house parties, and they’re using TickTock to market it to millions of PPLs.

– Taylor Lorenz (@ TaylorLorenge) December 29, 2020

It’s not clear if the app has made a significant contribution to unauthorized events since its launch. According to the report, the app store had only 25 ratings before the Vibe Together app was removed, while its Instagram account had about a thousand followers. The Vibe Together Instagram profile was also banned today, so it looks like the app has gotten better.

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