Second stimulus: Trump says ‘good things’ are happening in virus support talks

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Donald Trump stressed during a meeting with Republican congressional leaders Monday that the next COVID-19 aid package is running “good things,” but the new division crisis between the Senate GOP and the White House has created new challenges. And the emergency relief period was over.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is set to finalize the $ 6 trillion package in a matter of days. The administration, however, has further criticized the meaning of the virus test and attached other priorities that could complicate the rapid passage.

“We’ve made a lot of progress,” Trump said as the meeting went on.

But the president acknowledged the growing caseload and “big flames” of death in the states. “Unfortunately, it’s something that’s very tough,” he said.

Lawmakers returning to a capital are still out of bounds for tourists, another sign of a coronavirus nation. Instead of simplifying, the destructive cycle of the epidemic is growing again, leaving Congress very much a choice, to engineer another expensive rescue. Businesses are closing again, many schools will not reopen completely, and jobs will disappear, even as federal assistance expires.

Without a successful federal strategy, lawmakers are trying to create a draft.

“We need to get rid of this virus,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, de-Caliph, told MSNBC on Monday.

Pelosi said any attempt to withhold money for the White House test “went beyond ignorance.”

The amount of political risk for both parties is even higher, and much higher, ahead of the November election, as more coronavirus infections and more than 140,500 deaths are now registered than in any other country.

McConnell and House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy allied with Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, Treasury Secretary Steven Minuchin and Acting Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

Munuchin promised to pass by the end of the month as soon as the previous benefits expire, and said he hoped a fresh ল 1 trillion fight over the business tax gap and other aid would have a “big impact” on the economy.

Manuchehr says he is preparing to start talks with Democrats. He and later proceeded to Meadows Hill for brief lawyers.

“We can’t pass the bill in the Senate without the Democrats, and we’re going to talk to them,” McConnell agreed.

The package from McConnell was created weeks in silence behind closed doors and was expected to include a new round of schools to reopen, reduce unemployment benefits and pay Americans সরাসরি 1,200 in cash directly, and a five-year liability against coronavirus. The lawsuit is expected to include 75 billion.

But the administration is investing about $ 25 billion in new funding for testing and proposed tracing, a Republican familiar with the talks said. Trump was also recovering from his pressure for a pay-as-you-go break, which was seriously considered, another Republican said. The two spoke in private on condition of anonymity.

Trump reiterated on Sunday that the virus would “disappear”, but the president’s vision did not at all match the estimates from veteran health professionals to stop the worrying caseload and death toll in the United States.

“It won’t magically disappear,” R-Ki, R-Ki said as he walked to a hospital in his hometown to thank the staff of the recent line. Said.

McConnell has faced divisions from some who oppose further spending, and he is pushing to keep the package at 1 trillion.

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer warned Monday that his party would block any attempt to summarize McConnell.

“We will stand together again in our need,” Shamar said in a letter addressed to colleagues.

The New York Democrat is recovering its strategy from the latest virus aid bill that forced Republicans to the negotiating table after Democrats opposed McConnell’s original bill. This time, the House has already approved Pelosi’s nearly 3 3 trillion effort, speeding up Democrats’ negotiations.

Trump raised the alarm about Capitol Hill at a rally in Oklahoma last month when he said he wanted to slow down the virus test. Some of Trump’s GOP allies wanted new money to help test and track the spread of the virus. Senate Democrats were investigating why the Trump administration did not spend the previously allocated $ 25 billion.

Pay-roll tax breaks also wanted Trump to split his party because it was used to secure Social Security and Medicare funding historically. This cut only adds to the nation’s growing debt burden when conservatives are wary of any new spending. Some Republicans also see it as an inadequate response from millions of working Americans.

It will be the fifth virus assistance package since the 2.2 trillion bill was passed in March, the largest U.S. intervention of its kind.

Although many GOPs hoped the virus would subside and the economy would return, it became clear that more assistance was needed as relief efforts ended in the first phase.

One federal federal 600-a-week incentive for regular unemployment benefits will expire at the end of the month at so, also, the federal will ban evictions from several million rental units.

At the top of the 10 million – usually around 200,000 – claims 17 weeks of unemployment – many families are facing a cash crunch and are losing employer-backed health insurance.

In May and June, states doubled their unemployment rates despite the shock of the economic boom due to the ease of stay-at-home orders, more than ever before in the Great Recession of the last decade.

The Pelosi bill, approved in May, includes ৫ 5 billion in testing to try to control the spread of the virus, spends ১০ 100 billion on schools to reopen safely, and calls for এক 1 trillion in cash to pay for needed workers and prevent layoffs. The move would provide cash stipends to Americans, and strengthen net protections for rent and mortgages and other securities.

In the two months since the Pelosi Bill was passed, another 50,000 people have died and 2 million more infections have occurred in the United States.

“If we don’t invest this money right now, it will get worse,” Pelosi said.

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