/Sean Murray talks about the airport scene with his character McGee

Sean Murray talks about the airport scene with his character McGee

Sean Murray has starred in the NCIS cast special agent Timothy McGuire since the first season. Peak Credit: CBS

There was an important scene involving McGee and Gibbs at the premiere of the NCIS season that has yet to be resolved.

For quick viewers, it appeared that Gibbs was using a sniper rifle from a roof near McGee to try to stop a plane as it was about to shoot him.

After that introductory scene, the episode moved on with the search for a drug ring with Gibbs and Fonelle in the past who took an overdose of the drug through Foreign’s daughter.

The second episode of the season was a deeper flashback, as Young Gibbs used episode 400 to write about what happened when he first met Young Dak.

Thereafter, the Gibbs-Forrell investigation continues into the falling finals. After the show finally returns from its winter break, there will be a double feature (two episodes) that solves some of the initial story.

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But before the debut of the next episode, McGee will go on vacation with his wife, actor Shane Murray has given an interview about what fans can expect from the show.

Sean Murray talks about the Guinness-McGuire scene

“One of my favorite things is the end of the airport order that happens; In the teaser we saw a version of it (premiere). When I read that scene, I immediately called my sister-in-law and said, ‘Am I reading this correctly?’

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“We haven’t seen anything like this before,” Murray said. The Gibbs and McGee relationship is a long and complicated one and obviously much complicated by the events that took place in the second episode and we must get into it. “

Looks like the NCIS return date is going to be a really exciting night for the show’s fans.

এনCian H. Murray of #NCIS previews the return of the show on Tuesday and discusses why he likes the relationship between McGee and Delilah. https://t.co/KG0ASjVhoq

– TV Insider (@TVInsider) January 15, 2021

NCIS launches season 18 roll

As we mentioned, two episodes appear when NCIS finally returns from the winter break. The first episode aired on January 19th at 8/7c, the second episode took the 9/8c FBI timeslot the same night.

Lots of nights involved McGee’s wife, Delilah, who didn’t show up for a while. It would be nice to see him back on the show and from the first hidden peek for the episodes, it could be a lot of fun.

Soon, fans will also be able to see the essence of a new story, as one of the main characters is leaving the cast of NCIS. This will happen later in the 18th season, as previously announced.

NCIS aired on CBS on Tuesday at 8 / 7c.

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