/Scott Parker explodes ‘scandalous’ fixture rearrangement with Spurs

Scott Parker explodes ‘scandalous’ fixture rearrangement with Spurs

Scott Parker said the Premier League’s short-notice decision to reschedule their meeting with Spurs tomorrow night was “reprehensible”.

The two sides had to face each other on December 30 before the game was suspended at the last minute after the Covid-19 outbreak at Fulham.

The Spurs were due to play in the Premier League against Aston Villa tomorrow night, but the league announced yesterday that Fulham would set foot in violation, even after postponing the game due to covid.

Fulham boss Scott Parker said the club was only told on Monday morning that they would have to play in two days.

“I’m angry because it’s not right. This is wrong. That’s why I’m so angry, “Parker said.

“The possibility of the Spurs playing on Wednesday came on Saturday.

“We did not consider it realistic and we were informed at 9.30 am on Monday. Monday morning is scandalous for sure. I agree that we have to play, but notice it.

Parker also questioned whether Fulham’s lack of status among the league’s top fathers could influence his decision to play the game on such a short notice.

“People who make these decisions don’t understand the players. We found it difficult. We thought they had six days to recover. It’s really insane, “he said.

“It is irrelevant to get a game off two hours or 48 hours ago. Disappointing. By agreeing to a game with 48 hours notice, Jose will know that you are planning for one game or another. Tottenham knew they had a status. He will plan for it with his team selection.

“Did this happen to the two biggest teams in the title clash? Probably not. This is not acceptable, “Parker added.

Asked if he could understand Fulham’s frustration, the Spurs manager seemed less than impressed by their allegations.

“Are you serious? Two hours before the start of the game, I had the news that I was not going to play them, “said Mourinho.