Sarah Palin said the “masked singer” had a middle finger to her mourners and predicted victory.

The world was shocked when Sarah Palin was released as a beer this season on The Masked Singer. He came back in the afternoon to talk about why he decided to do the show and how he felt on this stage. He even predicted who he thought would win, And maybe it’s not about what you think.

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Thank you Sarah Palin for the opportunity to be a Mask Singer

Palin said this was the first time a clip of her “masked singer” had been released. He joked that he was sweating after watching the clip. “Being in disguise was a lot of fun,” he said. He really took the experience and made fun of it. His energy was contagious while acting on the show and he also entered national television. This is not the one expected by the former vice presidential candidate. The former Alaska governor has been at the center of controversy for years and even made waves when he announced his divorce from husband Todd in 2019.

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Host Nick Cannon asked her how her friends, family and colleagues reacted. He said he had worked in politics year after year and had never received such a response from the show. It was clear that Palin had a great time being part of this fun show full of surprises. “It was so positive, it was so exciting, I just love it so much and I feel so blessed that you even told me to do it,” he said.

Look back at the bear’s iconic performance of “Baby Got Back”

No one denies that Palin’s performance as a bear was completely explosive. He said he was either “Baby Got Back” or the rappers rejoiced. “Canon questioned why Pauline chose the song and he said that when he was a student athlete that day, he used to listen to rap songs for recruitment before sports events. For him, the experience was “all about masks.” He added, “I knew I would be so fresh and free and walk the middle finger to the enemies there on Earth.” “We have to say that Palin must have achieved that and now someone has to say Can’t say he didn’t take the risk. In the end he does what he wants to do and doesn’t care what anyone says about him.

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She said her experience with “Masked Singer” goes more than the bittersweet she did it was “weird, wild and funny” and she showed her true personality on the show. This is a true proof of how he wants to live life vigorously and try new things because we are so happy that the show has given him a free platform.

Who would have thought that Sarah Palin would win a masked singer?

Before he described himself as a bear, Judge Ken Jiang speculated that the bear was Bratini Spears or sculptor, boxer Tonia Harding. Robin Thaik guessed it was Tina Fei. The funny thing is that Faye plays Pauline with lots of SNL sketches. No one expected it to be palin under this mask. There was a popular speculation on Twitter that the bear was actress Tiffany Hadis. But boy, everyone was wrong!

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Asked who could win the show, he told Turtle. He thinks he is introverted and that is exactly what it takes to win. Check out what our talent recap team is thinking under the masks of the finalists.

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What do you think of The Masked Singer winning this season? Do you agree with Sarah Palin? The Muscat Singer will return to the semifinals next Wednesday at 8 / 7c with the top four contestants at Fox.


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