Samsung will not be able to include chargers with its phones in 2021

Samsung will avoid power adapter bundling on its smartphones starting next year. According to the Korean news site Itnews, the phone maker is considering further cost-cutting measures as new technologies such as folding screens and 5G connectivity reach more phones. The expected timeline reveals that Samsung’s next flagship set of Galaxy S phones may be the first to dig into in-box accessories and won’t affect the company’s upcoming new Galaxy Note phones.

Itunews reports that Samsung’s decision not to include the charger in the box is still in its infancy and the company is discussing its impact with its manufacturing partners. In addition to offsetting additional additions of 5G components, it will also allow Samsung to run its phones in more compact packaging, as well as save on delivery costs.

Samsung sells millions of phones every year and not even bundling a charger could potentially have an environmental impact. Most of its customers already own a power adapter and do not feel the need to buy a new one. Electronic waste statistics have reached record highs and about 17% of them are recyclable, according to data released by the World Health Organization.

Samsung is probably not the only plan to dig in-box power adapters. According to longtime analyst Ming-Chi Kui, Apple will not include a charger or wired earbud with this year’s iPhone 12 lineup to keep the starting price equal to the existing iPhone 11 series. Unlike Apple, the report did not mention that Samsung may also omit the complimentary earbuds. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

But it remains to be seen how Samsung or Apple will accommodate this big shift. The high-end models from these companies quickly come bundled with chargers that, if purchased separately, will return the owner with at least $ 40.

More importantly, if the two largest smartphone makers start digging accessories into the box, perhaps other industries will follow in the past as we have seen in the past.

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