Samsung Blu-ray players suddenly got stuck in endless reboots

Samsung Blu-ray players are far from the blue color error, with most reports claiming that the devices are stuck in endless reboots.

Thousands of owners of Samsung Blu-ray players and home theater systems went online to complain about the sudden issues, which Zedinet reportedly started on June 19. After reports have changed, the most common problem is seen as a Samsung Blu-ray player that is constantly on and off.

Other reported issues include making noise to Blu-ray players, such as trying to read a disc when nothing is inserted, shutting down a few seconds after starting, and not responding by pressing a button.

At Samsung’s online forum, a community director acknowledged the issue of management boot loops, confirming that the company was working on a solution. However, the cause of the problem remains unclear.

There is speculation that all of this is due to faulty firmware updates, but Zedinet says this is unlikely because the issues also affect life-of-life models that do not accept such updates. In addition, Samsung does not usually update firmware updates on a wide range of device models together on Friday afternoon.

One possible cause for the sudden error is an expired SSL certificate, which is required for Blu-ray players to link to Samsung servers. However, no official confirmation has been received about this incident.

Digital Trends has reached out to Samsung for more information on this topic, including a deadline for development stabilization, and we’ll update this article as soon as we hear it.

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