/Sakimi Chan shares new Pinup of Dragon Ball Android 18 in Denim Bonnie Bikini

Sakimi Chan shares new Pinup of Dragon Ball Android 18 in Denim Bonnie Bikini

Digital artist Sakimi Chan recently shared her latest pinup featuring Dragon Ball Android 18 in a denim bunny bikini.

(Embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0siCcxjWdw (/ embed)

Android 18 can be called Android, but it is nothing. He is actually a man named Lajuli, who is Dr. Kidnapped by Giro with his twin brother Lapis and modified with advanced bio-organic ingredients.

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Android 18 first appeared during her twin brother as well as during the Android 17 Dragon Ball Jade Cell Saga.

He was eventually exploited by Cell, but after bringing Gohan Super Cyan 2 and defeating Android, he brought him back.

Towards the end of the cell saga, Krillin wishes Dragon Shenron to remove his and Android 17’s self-destructing devices.

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He will eventually marry Krylin and be part of the Z-Warriors during the middle Buu Saga. In fact, he will have a child named Marron with Caroline.

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Android 18 won’t play any significant role until the Saga of Dragon Ball Super’s Universe Survival.

In the saga of the survival of the Universe, he faces Shosa and is able to defeat him with the help of Krylin. He later fought with Tupper, Cocot and Ribrain. He then teamed up with Android 17 to play both Ribrain and Rosie.

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Android 18 and Android 17 will then help Goku fight the warriors of Universe 2 and Universe 3 in the battle against Unilaser 3 of Universe 3, Android 18 abandoned itself for Android 17 allowing him to continue fighting, but withdrew himself from the competition.

Sakimi Chan shared her pinup on Twitter.

# Android 18 Naked Voice Over Tutorial / NSFW Set; 3- https://t.co/HGiwP0X9l1
Final render for tutorial! pic.twitter.com/FdyhZVITa7

– (email protected) (@shakimichanart) June 29, 2020

Look even better here.

Sakimi Chan further teased that there is a nude version of the pinup on his Patrion as well as a voice over tutorial that explains how he put his own unique twist on Android 18.

Nude pinup voice over tutorial; 3- https://t.co/FHscmG6A2b
Ft # android 18 pic.twitter.com/eElVx74MHn

– (email protected) (@shakimichanart) June 29, 2020

The bunny-version of Sakimi Chan’s Android 18 seems to be part of a kick of his painted bunny-themed characters. She recently shared a bikini pinup of Bonnie Girl Senpai.

# My Bani Senpai; 3 NSFW set, PSD, HD JPG, video process! Etc.- https: //t.co/1kONcR3mKX
More anime style draw! pic.twitter.com/nvc8NV5OGa

– (email protected) (@shakimichanart) June 24, 2020 20

Look even better here.

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He shared a pinup of My Hero Academy Mirco.

#Emiruko is back; 3 HD NSFW set, PSD, etc.- https: //t.co/F5mquERPfL
Strong and thix vibration; 3 Good back muscle exercises! pic.twitter.com/LY9O4G7mxb

– (email protected) (@shakimichanart) June 25, 2020

A good look here.

What made you the denim bikini version of Sakimi Chan on Android 18? Which bunny themed pinup is your favorite?