Russian hackers threaten to release photos after stealing data from celebrity cosmetic firms backed by Kerry Katona and Joe Essex

Russian hackers have threatened to publish pictures of celebrity clients before and after they stole data from cosmetic surgery companies.

The hospital group, endorsed by celebrities including Kerry Catona and Joe Essex, has confirmed the ransom attack.


Kerry Katona is the hospital’s group credit: Getty Images – Getty


Russian hackers threaten clients with before-and-after photos Credit: Getty Images – Getty


The Hospital Group has 11 clinics with celebrity client credits: Google Maps

The hacker group, known as Revel, said “intimate pictures of customers” are “not entirely pleasurable scenes”.

They claim to have their hands on photographs of more than 900 gigabytes of patients.

Reveal, which is believed to be based in Russia, has previously hacked celebrity law firms Grubman, Shire, Mizelus and Sax.

Russian hackers have previously encrypted a company’s servers targeting Madonna, Lady Gaga and Donald Trump and then threatened to release or auction their data if no ransom was paid.

The hospital group, known as the Transform Hospital Group, reported the breach to the Information Commissioner.

It has 11 clinics specializing in bariatric weight loss surgery, breast augmentation, breast level correction and nasal adjustment.

Shameless actress Tina Malone, reality TV star Joey Essex and nuclear kitten singer Kerry Catona are the previous patients who have supported the clinic.

Beauty hack

The hospital group said in a statement: “We can ensure that our IT systems have been compromised by ad security.

“The details of any of our patient’s payment cards have not been compromised, but at this stage we understand that some of our patients’ personal data has been accessed.”

The agency said all customers had been emailed about the attack.

It is understood that many of the pictures obtained by Revival do not show the faces of the patients.

Cybersecurity agency Amisoft estimates that in 2020, criminals pocketed 16 billion from ransoms.

The Revil, also known as the Sodinokibi, is a highly developed ransomware group.

In a recent interview with a Russian-language tech blog, an inspired representative of Revel said that the most successful method of attacking this group was through the remote desktop protocol.

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This enables hackers to gain control of the remote administration of a desktop over the Internet.

Security experts recommend disabling RDP on company computers and say the best protection against hackers is to update software quickly and often with the latest updates.

The hospital group has been contacted for comment.

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