Rumors seem to be missing from the Silent Hill reboot Sony PS5 event

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There was a ton of hype and anticipation for Silent Hill fans. There were several rumors and speculations before the PlayStation 5 event that the Silent Hill video game indicated it was working. Konami hasn’t held up well for fans of the franchise for too long, rumors suggest we’ll see a reboot for the franchise but members of the former Team Silent production team did something that released the first four main line installments of Silent Hill Video Games.

As you can imagine, fans were hesitant at first, but with the start of the PlayStation 5 event, the Silent Hill community’s expectations grew. With each passing trailer, Silent Hill announced that it would continue to create a full trailer or even a logo. Was finished, and Silent Hill was not found.

For Silent Hill fans, they live in a fictional town. The solitary time of society is forced to wait until some sort of life appears for the franchise, not in the form of gambling machines or cash assets.

Some fans are now just hoping that these rumors and teases are real. However, the Sony event featured so many video game titles, perhaps some of these big hitter announcements spread to other streams. All in all we got the announcement of a Resident Evil 8 that could go beyond the Silent Hill announcement. In the meantime, we can only decide if there will be a vote in the near future.

In the meantime, if you missed the official PlayStation 5 stream released yesterday, we recommend checking out our breakdown of all the video game titles announced right here.

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