Rugby Canada cuts player payments, will need financial support after 2020

TORONTO – Citing financial pressures caused by the global epidemic, Rugby Canada has canceled “payment of training assistance” for male and female central players from May 1.

Players receive a monthly fee from Sport Canada. Rugby Canada has served as a complement to pay for expenses and other expenses.

The reduction in player support was not unexpected.

Ghisaline Laundry, captain of the Canadian Women’s Weekly, said last month, “We’re going to be financially successful, which is tough because we basically survive on 20,000 a year.” “Our salary is lower than the government is providing financial assistance to people who have lost their jobs (due to epidemics).”

Rugby Canada workers have agreed to cut temporary salaries by between 10 and 15 per cent.

Rugby Canada says the combination of government support cuts from HSBC Canada Sevens to Canada’s emergency pay and government aid spending in the form of earnings, which preceded the CVVID-19 blockade, reduced the immediate financial impact of the epidemic.

Since Rugby Canada is not eligible for emergency funding for the first round of World Rugby from mid-April to May 31, the Canadian Steering Committee has said it will need additional funding from World Rugby. Rugby later in the financial year.

“With the help of our business and financing partners, we have been able to withstand the storm,” Rugby Canada president Tim Powers said in a statement.

“However, the registration of epidemic-related restrictions will have a significant negative impact on the rest of 2020 in terms of additional sponsorship and event revenue.” “The effects of the epidemic are being felt across the country and around the world, and we are ready to take the necessary additional steps to ensure the financial success of our union in this unprecedented period.”

Rugby Canada has also released its 2018 tax return which is its latest financial figure.

That’s up from .2 1.24 million last year to 1.6 million. million6 million dollars in revenue. About 5 5 million from World Rugby and Sport Canada.

The cost was ৮ 1.84 million, up from .6 1.63 million in the previous year. The fiscal deficit for 2018 was 17 178,610, up from 38 389,141 the previous year.

More than half the cost – ৮ 7.8 million – was blamed on national teams.

“The 2018 financial report distribution plan was not acceptable and Rugby Canada has completed a difficult transition to the hiring and accounting system over the past two years,” said Allen Vansen, General Manager of Rugby Canada.

The 2019 financial statement is expected to be released later this summer.

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