Routers ‘not on the same page’ as team identity search continues

The last Toronto Raptors team started the season 0-4, featuring Lauren Woods at center, Mike James at point guard and Joe Graham at short forward.

Rafael Araujo came on the bench. Rob Babcock was the general manager and Sam Mitchell the head coach. In the end they started the season 0-9 and won only 27 games on merit.

This was in 2005-06.

The current version of the Raptors is much better than this, but they are finally tied to the previous conference and seemingly incapable of getting their own during the crunch inc.

Four games rate trend has stopped in 2020?

Not impossible.

As Kyle Lowry put it after winning the fourth quarter of their 100-93 defeat to the Philadelphia put 76, they are in a bad position.

“I just think we’re not on the same page right now,” Lori said after a rare defeat against her suburban team, the Raptors have had an exclusive influence on her career in Toronto. “It simply came to our notice then. We are not on the same page but we are working on the same. It’s just now we have a few new boys, new positions and new roles and this and that and I think the short pre-season, in a very short time, the guys are still getting their feet down a bit.

“[But] We don’t have time to waste anymore, we are 0-3 and we need to win really, badly. I think we are reaching a stage where it must win. We have to do our best to win the next game. “

Back in Tampa on New Year’s Eve when the Raptors will host the New York Knicks. Usually it will be a sure-win night, a moment where these mature, mentally tough former champions are playing in a young team trying to find their way into the league.

However, this version of the Raptors is less guaranteed.

For a few years, it was a lock that the Raptors would make life miserable for Sixers center Joel MBD. It was only a season ago – although it seems like another era – that the Raptors caught the Philadelphia big man scoreless in 32 minutes. The MBD was 0-11 from the floor and 0-of-3 from the line and it also turned four times.

After the Toronto playoffs took Philadelphia on their way to the 2019 NBA title, it was Ritter who brought down the Amoebids in tears.

But it was another and another Reporters team, where the tandem at the center was not a combination of Mark Gasol and Serge Ibaka, Aaron Baines, Chris Boucher and Alex Lane.

This 2020-21 version of the Raptors is trying very hard to identify them. Proof? The little-used and forgotten Stanley Johnson was even getting a few minutes off the bench. There seems to be nothing good or bad with this group. What they landed has not yet been determined.

In the meantime, freed from his limitations, Embed wandered around comfortably. The initial solution of the raptors was apparently seven feet, 300 pounds awake. The MBD finished with 29 points and 16 rebounds while shooting 14-of-16 from the line. The Raptors reached the line 14 times as a team and the trio of their centers were 2-of-12 combined from the floor for nine points.

The amoebae dominated the stretched part, retaining the color and protecting the rim as the raptors broke into the offense. Toronto managed just two field goals and scored six points in the game final: 5:55, giving up a five-point lead without too much fighting in the process. At the other end, the embed was able to reach the line or create drama for the other – such as when Seth Cariti pushed the lead of six to five with one minute left for three minutes.

It was a great play by Embed, but another breakdown of the Raptors at a crucial moment – it’s a theme of the season.

“We had some trouble finding that guy from the first three games [JJ Reddick on New Orleans] Patty Mills [on San Antonio] Curry tonight, ”said Rappers head coach Nick Nurse. “It just comes down to coordinated, connected or somehow defensively … It was like nine boys under the basket because everyone thought Embed was shooting. I think he kicked Curry, he was the one who left the two guys.”

Lori was Lori – he finished with 24 points, nine assists and eight returns – but he was an islander. He got some help as Ozzy Anunobi – a four-year, $ 72 million deal, after which he moved through the first two games with 20 points and five steels.

But elsewhere there was a lack of raptors and the question is whether there is a real lack of them or can they find a way to fill the gaps? The Raptors topped the double-digit tops – they were 14th in three of the three losses against the Sixers through the third quarter.

“[We’re] “We didn’t get the same urgency we had when we removed the foot paddle and we had the same urgency when running, we got these big leads,” Anubbi said. “Just play smart smart, where sometimes you know, we took bad shots, don’t play too much as a defense. I put the whole paddle on for 48 minutes to finish the game. “

One more full effort will help and hopefully, Tuesday night had some promise. Coming into the game, the Raptors are 20th in the NBA in terms of points, but have worked harder to smash things up against Philadelphia.

It worked to an extent – if Toronto could hold their opponent to 36 percent of the shooting and more often force 18 turnovers, they would have to lose three games and there would be something in between. But they will also need some offense, as they can’t win many games that don’t make 19 turnovers by shooting just 36 percent from the floor, including three in the final seven minutes.

“I don’t think we’re strong enough with the ball,” the nurse said, probably referring to 8-23-year-old Pascal Siakam from the floor, not throwing for free and the last time he was seen walking off the floor. And with 25.6 seconds left in the game, go straight to Huff’s dressing room after the foul.

“We’re making some hard driving things and it looks like we either have a late pass handling issue, a termination problem – or even when we don’t go without a pass we get the ball over the boundary a few times,” the nurse said. “… we couldn’t handle the ball with enough energy late in the right kind of game.”

The Knicks have a day to re-group a group of Raptors before hosting 2-1 – to return to Tampa on December 31st.

It must have been a win-win game to close in 2020, said Low Lori. Strange things have happened, but through three games Raptors has shown that anything is possible and it’s not all good.

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