Rochester Hill is a day in the life of a grocery store worker

Rochester Hills, Michigan – Audrey B has worked in the Hollywood market in Rochester Hills for nine of her 23 years.

He started out as a beggar and, over time, began his career at the company.

“It’s been a long journey and I think I’ll still be here for a while,” Audrey says.

He’s the kind of jack or maybe a jill-of-all-business store and always a hard worker.

“He’s got a lot of respect from everyone in all departments,” said store manager Tony Barclay, adding, “He’s always reliable.”

For Audrey it comes down to her passion. While he enjoys working in stores, his drive comes from human interaction.

Socially away

Audrey plays the customer as the beeps from the articles through the store resonate.

He’s wearing a mustache-painted mask, and behind it you can talk to a customer and say he’s smiling, “Did you come out cooking?” As Audrey asks, the customer responds, “Oh no, out of the pig – haha,” Audrey responds with a wider smile, “this too.”

His skills are evident when you see him, he has useless ways with people. He is talking to other customers, they are fast and thoughtful.

“I’ve always been interested in helping people,” Audrey tells me, frustrating – I feel uncomfortable about myself, but she adds, “I’ve always been passionate about making sure everyone is taken care of.”

Because of the epidemic, taking care of people looks different. It seems different. It’s different. Customers walk through the store, see products on shelves, toggle and adjust their masks. Employees removed disinfected vehicles from their vehicles. The first order of business of each worker before the clock is punched is to take the temperature of their store manager. Safety precautions are appropriate to ensure the safest, safest possible experience.

“Attentive staff …” Audrey speaks on a phone that connects to the store’s overhead speakers, “It’s been 2 hours, please take some time to sanitize your stations. Thank you.”

Audrey looks at the Plexiglass partition behind her registrar, which is placed between the customer and the cashier, “We clean all the time, you know, we’re as safe as we can.”

Even with all the precautions in place, there is still a risk involved, he could get sick of being with so many strangers. Audrey is willing to admit that these thoughts cross her mind, “it does,” it says, “it crosses my mind, but I still try not to let it affect the fact that I still need to provide good customer service.”

Audrey starts a quick walk behind the store, she has a carbside order ready. This has been a big change, he says, people need to eat groceries, but they don’t need to shop for them. The urge to order online is good, in reality it keeps the business going, but for Audrey, the part he really enjoys is moving away from that part, “I like Chilean with my customers, you know, high-fifty, handshakes, hugs.

He said he was happy to be around them, “It’s great to see them! It’s a little different now.”

Audrey’s eyes saw her mask and looked at the people around her. He sees his colleagues, products and customers always the same, but not the same. He stops to think and tells me he knows that being a cashier doesn’t make him a hero for the most part, “Bringing someone’s groceries may not be a life-changing experience for 99.99-percent of my customers. That’s not right, because it’s a mundane activity, But some say it’s going through them. That’s what they need right now. “

Typically, Audrey sets aside time to teach elementary school children in grocery stores and schools. The teaching part has been blocked due to epidemic. He is a focused employee and a considerate human being. Before I left I had one more question for him, what is there in the toilet paper hoardings? His response was, “People thought things they couldn’t live without. One thing, if I could never go to the store again – I couldn’t live without it.” You can’t actually make toilet paper. You can get seeds, You can have your own things. You can get a lot of things. None of the toilet paper. “

Toilet paper is not one of them and neither is human interaction.

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