Robin Thied advises people to watch and create modern black shows

Robin Thied, creator of the Black Lady Sketch Show, says that people who want to get an education should see modern stories with black characters.

Outside the couch on Sunday … 40-year-old Thied said during a women’s show business on ATX TV, “It has nothing to do with black trauma” The “I think the highest grade thing when it all started was” help “, which annoyed me By It’s like, “Oh, I’ll teach blacks, let me see a black maid and watch a movie of a white savior.”

He quickly added that films like “Help” (set in Mississippi in the 1960s) and “Hidden Pictures” (set in the 1960s) were great, but said that people had their own comedy shows, as well as modern stories with TV quotes. Must see. Shows “black-ish” and “insecure”.

“Unfortunately, there aren’t many to choose from … because they just weren’t made,” he continued. “Now my challenge is the green light of these modern black stories. We want to see modern black stories… see how black people simply survive and lose their lives and they are not constantly strong black women or make mistakes. “

“It’s about what we can do to keep people from being attracted to blacks in these stories.”

In addition to the actor, Thied said that in the case of the production, “it’s a big thing that has to happen and I want people to understand that.”

“It’s not just about hiring a black writer and a black actor, it’s not about creating an environment where everyone feels equal,” he said.


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