Robin Lehner has been shut out as the Golden Knights’ empty Canucks

EDMONTON – Vegas Golden Knights scorer Robin Lehner got the Vancouver Canucks number again on Saturday, stopping 32 shots for their second shotout in the NHL Play-off series.

Lehner trailed the Golden Knights 3-0 with a chance to score the second goal in the seventh-second seven-round series with a short converted game 4 sets for Sunday night.

Acquired at the trade deadline on a three-team deal with Toronto Maple Leafs and the Chicago Blackhawks, Lehner stopped 26 shots to win the series opener 5-0.

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The Vancouver outscored the Wigs 16-10 to fly out in the first round and enjoy a 78-second 5-on-3 power play. Lehner has taken away the wealth of potential for high-quality scoring: point-blank one-timers, stops conversions, redirects with redirects and ncing through blue.

“We dug in and got some big savings from Robin. I thought he was our best player in the first 10 minutes, “said Vegas head coach Peter Deborah.

“They got some looks (all the games) and it was okay when Robin did. He didn’t put any ass around. There were no rebounds. He was swallowing everything. ”

Lehner said it was a group effort.

“I thought everyone did a great job of working hard and working hard and blocking shots and doing all the right things.”

“It was really important to move forward for the speed of the game and try not to chase the game.

“They had a bit of a push in the first period, but I thought we’d take the game after that.”

As Lehna closed the door, Alex Touch scored the seventh goal of his post-season poster for Mark Stone and Jack White for Cloud Vegas.

Jacob Markstrom, on the 13th start of the playoffs, has 31 saves for Vancouver.

Touch scored first at 4:05 of the first period. Running the entire plane through neutral territory, he split the defense, fixing a bouncing stretch pass from Nicholas Roy and delivering a rocket shot to the top corner near Markstrom.

Exactly 63 seconds later, it was 2-0 when Whitcloud hit a loose puck in the right face-off circle through the traffic and fired early in the third, rocking a shaking roof from Face Four circle in the Stone Power Play for a 3-0 advantage. It was the second goal of the series and the sixth in the playoffs.

Vancouver forward J.T. Miller said the empty arrival at 5-on-3 is a difference maker.

“I think we made it as effective as possible. Gowali has saved some good, “Miller said.” We could have easily tied the game or come back.

Canucks came back from Game 1 shutout to beat Vagasa 5-2 in the game. Vancouver forward Tanner Pearson said they needed to get back to planning that game.

“I think there was some excitement in the game where we went a few minutes ahead without a shot from the net. That kind of pace changes a bit, ”Pearson said.

He said they can’t beat the kid: “Look at the game you won for us, we pushed a lot and got our buyer chasing that way and it worked for us. When we got down we had to keep it simple and play our game. We need to keep going and not try too hard. “

The teams have not played since Tuesday. The NHL did not play its scheduled games on Thursday or Friday when players at the Edmonton and Toronto play-offs made a statement highlighting issues of social injustice, traditional racism and police brutality.

The NBA players suspended one game after another around the sports world after the Milwaukee Bowls refused to play their play-off game against Orlando on Wednesday after a black police shootout named Jacob Black in Wisconsin last weekend.

A win in the Golden Nights series could lead to a 3-1 secrecy with Sunday.

For Vancouver, the concern is Marxism and exhaustion. The 30-year-old Swede is set to start on Sunday, which will be his 14th game in 29 days and his third back-to-back competition. He has been the backbone of Cancus playoff success but faced more than 30 regular night shots in the post-season post.

Her backup is Thatcher Demco. Demco have started just 34 games in their first three seasons and have not played in the playoffs in the third period, losing 5-0.

Experienced Mark-Andre Flurry has experience at the Vegas Reserve. Flori Lehner is out for a game once again in the round-robin series and again in the first round against the Chicago Blackhawks. Deborah said the two have plans.

All games are played in front of empty seats at Rogers Place. Players are kept isolated from the competition to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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