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Creativity, divided into the long-standing dual practice of art and printing by international organizations, is today the focal point of technology, time and mastery. Eight, considering the risks and responsibilities of the people – all committed to leadership. Every day, investors surround themselves with an endless field of media choices, and the developments below have proven to be some of the best ways to navigate digital media. This new horizontal line.

Jeff Hodgson And Eli’s return
Creative Director, Stom
Such as: Miami

Recent work: The Poppies “Sunday Opening” campaign came back from his chicken sandwich. Hodgson said the main chicken sandwich candidate “Popeis” appeared Sunday, and Popeis was open, ”Hodgson said. Say, “What better day to open a sandwich? So, with a nice sticker on the sign, we can let everyone know that Poppies has opened and will sell their sandwich again – the day” Sunday. “

Ancillary activities: “Bagel That” for Philadelphia Cream Cheese. “We need a way to sell more cheese with more bags,” Ferrer said. “So we asked ourselves, ‘Can everything be bagel?’ It happened. “

Enhancement Instructions: Hodgson said, “Join the campaign. “You have a reason to be a discoverer, so let yourself be involved.”

Larry Gordon
Creative Director, Clothing Services
Based: New York

Recent work: Response to ESPN’s Ultimate Dance Film focusing on Jordan brand’s Michael Jordan on Instagram. “It was a real start and we had some memorable moments,” Gordon said, when Tiana Taylor returns to her home and tells the story of Carmelo Anthony threatening her with MJ in text messages. “

For Harlem: “Growing up, movies like Harlem Nights and Sugar Hill inspired me. Harlem looks like it should be home, “he said.” Spike Leo is a huge force, so I hope he’ll forgive me for not being in Brooklyn with anyone else. “

Enhancement Instructions: “Take yourself, your whole, pure self. I mean,” Gordon said. “Come to that door and who you really are. Because you’re a super dope. So don’t hide it, don’t cover it and never say it again. Related. “

Page Jensen-Slattengren
Large print, The Martin Company
E.g., Richmond, V.

Recent work: Haynes called “every bod”. Jensen-Slattengren explained, “We found out [men’s clothing] Lack of a good body image and variety – we contrast the body image in women’s underwear and accessories. Beautiful, ”Jensen-Slatengren explained. “We want to start a culture where men like their bodies. We said yes-no-no – but we were patient, and thanks to the talented and courageous team, we formed a band of over 100 male singers on their way to the underwear. “

From Cast Alai Cast Alai: “Ad representation is much more than just a 30-second persuasion of a woman or a POC. We need to win stories and inspire people with unparalleled voices in the process. More news, ”he said. “And that means hiring, working, working and supporting people with disabilities, LGBTQs, women and people of all ages and races.”

Personal mantra: “Whatever you can do,” Jensen-Slattengren says, “I’ve bled. “

Rafael Franzini
Creative director, community
Such as: Miami

Recent work: “Chris Kneff, our technology and innovation director, and I created an app called Weather Bridge to help drivers avoid traffic jams through campaigns. Not good. Now the process has become a permanent service with the city of Miami, ”Franzini said. “Furthermore, the project aims to develop strategies such as community, creating a new discipline at the center, and engaging the initiative with the movement of goals.”

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