/Riot Games valuable players will soon be rewarded

Riot Games valuable players will soon be rewarded

Agile Games, a courageous player who complained about the lack of things like crushing for a multi-player shooter, said the reward system was working for the time spent on the game.

Although single player games provide more experience points and trophies, multiplayer games have different approaches to such rewards because people spend more time on them. For example, in Apex Legends, players can add badges to their games to showcase their achievements, and Call of Duty players collect weapon camos as they solve problems.

Things are different in Valerant. While the game offers a variety of collectibles, including weapon skins, weapon buddies and player cards, almost everything can be purchased.

“Obviously, if you are willing to pay for it, you can get everything rich. There is nothing to crush for not buying it. Who go to the valerant subreddy named u / 19Dan81.

“This game requires content and exclusive features, so it’s accessible to those who separate for Grind so they can feel rewarded for the time they spend – even” whales “have to be crushed a bit.” And it is very important for the player to maintain long term and not have enough skills / time. “

The developer of Da / Games, who goes by the name U / tehlich, responded by claiming that the article contained several different measures that would “provide an expression of the artisan / time investment”, but that they were not ready for the game in the beginning. .

“I can’t go into features, but I know we’ve heard of you and we want to play these things.”

Digital Trends has contacted Riot Games to learn more about the planned prize system and we will update this post after receiving our feedback.

The bold begins

After the beta, which closed in early April, ended, the Riot Games finally took on massive proportions before the start of the summer of 2020, scheduled for June 220.

“We look forward to sharing this game with everyone,” said Joe Ziegler, the game’s director. “We wanted to give you this game to help you shine through this difficult time.”

The list of characters with brave, unique abilities and wide weapons is the five teams facing each other.

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