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He looks like a boss Ridley Scott Well that’s not ready to leave Alien Thirty years later, the director returns to the franchise with Prometheus and Alien: a prequel film, which brings together a series of critics and critics. He plans to make two more prequel films that lead to his 1979 film debut.

After the release, the movies seemed to disappear, and Scott never thought of making them, significantly Disney now presiding over the franchise. However, he is thinking of coming back online and doing prequel films again.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Scott explained that he was still considering possible ways to move forward with the search for Alien’s past and believed that “there was a lot more.” Still in the franchise, but it is important to “fight again”, he added:

“I always thought about what I was doing, first of all, why something would happen – something like that and why it’s always the way I thought it was a kind of missile that carries these big eggs. What is the purpose of the ship and what is the purpose of the eggs? It’s something to ask – I think who, why and what. “

This is exactly what the protagonist said at the beginning:

There will be another one, another that will slowly move into the background of the movie in 1999 … So, why is this playground there and why are there aliens in it? The question will be answered. “

So if he still has any idea, he comes up with the right story to keep these stories in perspective. Although I’m not a big fan of prequel, I’m interested to see how the story unfolds in the 1979 film Alien.

About a year ago, we heard there were two Alien TV shows in development. There are no updates on them, so we don’t know where they stand. After all, while Disney retains the rights of guests, we have no idea if they want to let us know if it’s a property. I hope Scott grabs his ideas and sees!

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