Ridge makes a decision and Steffi stays the same

Ridge moves towards Bold and the Beautiful as soon as he hears. Peak Credit: CBS

For next week’s episode of CBS Soap, Bold and The Beautiful Spellers reveal that big decisions are coming, and a relationship is booming.

Things have been slow since Bold and The Beautiful returned to the air but this week, everything started to move forward.

Ridge makes a decision

After believing that he was going to reunite with Brooke (Catherine Kelly Lang), Reese (Thurston Kaye) was ready to annul his marriage to Shane (Dennis Richards). It doesn’t come down though.

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Enough to say his love for Brooke (Bill Don Diamond) to stop Reel on his tracks. He listened to what he had to say to his ex, although he couldn’t explain it that way.

When it comes to what Ridge chooses to do, Shauna is seen sitting very nicely. He remains the only source of his steadfast support, which has helped him form his case.

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No one knows who the divorce papers were filed with!

Looks like Ridge is going to choose to go ahead with Shane and give them a chance to get married. Brooke has sealed her fate for the time being, but is she going to be ready to move forward as fast as she does?

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Steffi is still in pain

The following week, The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers revealed that Steffi (Jacqueline McInes Wood) is still in pain. Her doctor wanted another prescription for the pain medication, but she needed more

Believing Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) seems to be his only release. Will he be able to help manage his life?

Bold and The Beautiful Speller reveal that Finnegan (Tanner Novlan) spends more time with her this week, but it’s not about providing more medicine, is it? Is this the beginning of a suspicious romance between the two?

There are some horrible incidents that Hop (Anika Knowle) and Steffi Samantha are about to reign again. Will it be done with the amount of pain that Steffi is dealing with, or will it be in the case of a relationship?

Look for some drama in the women after someone crosses the line. Liam (Scott Clifton) will be between two women again and this time he will not really understand what he can do for himself.

Bold and beautiful air weekdays at CBS.

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