Ridge and Shauna are moving forward

Ridge moves towards Bold and the Beautiful as soon as he hears. Peak Credit: CBS

Bold and The Beautiful Exterminators have revealed that Reese (Thurston Kaye) is ready to make a big decision.

Could there be a bridge reunion, or could it all be about a Vegas girl?

Ridge takes a step back

After listening to a conversation between Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Bill (Don Diamond), Ridge meets the floor. The two discussed reunion and cancellation with Schneider (Dennis Richards).

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This week it proved that Reese had retained everything he heard, even if Brooke didn’t mean what he meant. Bill is his biggest enemy, and now he has heard his Logan say that he will always love him.

Shauna is waiting patiently. He supported her when Brooke disappointed her and now she is his legal wife. Although he announced the annulment of their marriage and planned to reunite with Brooke, Shauna remained positive.

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In the preview video for The Bold and The Beautiful, Shawna and Reese are flirting to decide if they should go swimming. She wants to drown skinny and she jokes about naked backflips.

Shauna is out of curiosity, and they have been seen going towards steamy evenings while accepting their husband-wife status.

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Shawna and Ridge will be happy?

Shauna holds a deep secret. He is the same person who sent the text to Carter (Victor St.-Lawrence) about submitting the divorce papers after making some requests to the Queen (Rena Sofer).

They have sworn to secrecy, but will it be buried?

Ridge wants to go ahead and give Shauna a chance. They’ve built a friendship, at least, so even though he doesn’t love her right now, he can grow to love her.

She wants to move forward like a mountain school girl and as Mrs. Ridge Forrester.

Quinn and Shawna will both be named, Mrs. Forrester. They have been friends for years, and now they are married to a father and son couple. Will their happiness last, or will Brooke find a way to keep it stuck with both women?

Don’t forget to tune in next week for the reason why more drama revolves around Brooke, Ridge and the listening love triangle. You don’t want to miss a moment!

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