/RHONY production ceases after testing positive member tests for COVID-19

RHONY production ceases after testing positive member tests for COVID-19

Real Housewives in New York City has stopped production last season after a cast member tested positive for COVID-19. Peak Credit: Bravo

New York’s Real Housewives has stopped production for the Cavid-19 after a cast member tested positive.

Back in October, RHONY production declined due to a contract with crew member COVID-19. This push has stopped production for the recommended two-week separation.

Ronnie’s production has stopped at the end of filming

According to Page Six, the news that a Ronnie actress tested positive for COVID-19 came just as women were expected to go on a trip to New York that would wrap up this season’s filming.

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That tour has been postponed.

A source close to Bravo Productions told Page Six, “This trip was canceled during COVID as part of a strict protection protocol for cast and crew networks.”

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Looks like production has stopped to set a “good example” according to an interior.

Which RHONY housewife has tested positive for COVID-19?

Although Page Six knew that no cast member was infected with the virus, they declined to be named because they did not seek permission from the housewife.

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“We are aware of their names, but we will not identify them because they did not allow us to do so. However, we said their symptoms were mild, “wrote Page Six.

While they may not be willing to reveal the name of the RHONY housewife, it did not deter fans from guessing who it might be.

On @queensofbravo on Instagram, once fans caught the wind that any Ronnie housewife had a Kavid-19 deal, they immediately wanted to know who it was.

Some fans thought it might be Ramona Singer.

Ramona was notorious for refusing to take the global epidemic seriously. However, it was revealed earlier this year that Ramona had tested positive. So all the fans but Ramna denied.

One fan wrote, “Ramna had it like this five times already so it won’t be hers”.

Others felt that it could be Ronnie’s newcomer, Leah McSuine, who had been contracted.

“I think it’s Leah,” one follower wrote.

Another hastily agreed, writing: “He’s the only one who hasn’t posted anything new recently. All the other women are outside and almost outside.

With one more wrench thrown at Ronnie filming for the upcoming season, fans will have to wait and see how it affects women and their actresses.

New York’s Real Housewives is currently on a break from Bravo.

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