/Reuters Serge Ibaka: Team mentally ‘locked in’ to defend title

Reuters Serge Ibaka: Team mentally ‘locked in’ to defend title

TORONTO – The NBA has released a schedule for Saturday’s team scrimmages ahead of the resumption of the season on Saturday.

The Toronto Raptors will see the Houston Rockets on July 24, the Portland Trail Blazer on July 26, and the Phoenix Sun on July 28.

This announcement has made it a reality that we are very close to the resumption of the NBA season, and how much time will it take for the NBA teams in the bubble to get ready for the eight seed games and the post-season

Thanks to their special situation as a Canadian team in this case, the team got some advantage in the lead-up before moving to the NBA Disney World campus next week as they were able to conduct a pre-bubble resume camp. In their own bubble at Naples, Fla.

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That Naples bubble team has, most importantly, been allowed to stay safe in a state with a burst of COVID-19 case counts and resume work on their 5-on-5 before being allowed to take part in valuable conditioning work has Reuters forward Serge Ibaka called a conference call on Saturday. Admitted, “Physically, it will take us some time.”

Thankfully, getting their air back seems to be the only concern for the Raptors from a competitive standpoint. Wherever their mental focus is so far, it is a team that appears to be locked in and hungry for victory

“Mentally, I think we’re ready,” Ibaka said. “Mentally as a team I can see from everyone, I think mentally we’re ready we know what awaits us there, now it’s time to play some conditions and then we’ll feel better.”

Extending it, Ibaka said he could tell his team was already mentally ready to fight because of the attitude everyone brought to the camp.

“I saw how great everyone is. They came here in great form and by the time we got here everyone started working, “Ibaka said.” I’ve been in the league for 11 years. You see when people are locked and they are mentally ready and when they are not. So I tell you now. Everyone is ready mentally. Everyone is ready. “

This is the self-confidence among the Ratars described by Ibaka, which explains why there are high expectations for the resumption of the defense-champion squad.

Asked what he believed was the ceiling of the reporter, Ibaka asked, “Everything. “We believe in ourselves, we have experience, we already have the championship mentality, we have confidence. But now it’s time to go. Time to go to work, and as I said, we are ready. “

The confidence that Ibaka has in his team also encouraged him to stay perfectly healthy in re-art for the first time in almost the entire season, something he said he was “very excited” about.

The optimism that Ibaka expressed to the media on Saturday with the Raptors is something that reflects other party members who spoke during this pre-bubble camp – and it proves just how good the team feels about itself.

Fans of the team are understandably anxious and frustrated when they hear about how the team is a bit far in terms of conditions. But as Ibaka said, Toronto is a team that now seems to be laser-centric in hand work.

Returning to the top physical shape is something that will enter the bubble of all teams over time. Being mentally prepared is something that never happens for some teams, and right now the repertoires are already there.