Reuters notebook: Mars gasol hamstring injury ‘completely healed’

The rapists are without quarantine and waiting to establish a routine as they mark the days before the resumption of the 2012-20 season, which was abandoned on March 11 due to a coronavirus epidemic. They practiced for a second day on the so-called ‘covid bubble’ campus at Walt Disney World Resort outside of Orlando.

Some notes, quotes and anecdotes follow.

Home for now

There was already a touch of space as Terrence Davis looked at what he expected to be his stay for the next three months.

He put his bags down, looked around, and saw pictures of his one-year-old son Hassan and his other family with his family at the end of a game when he played in college at Ole Mise.

These are small touches but they are the kind of thing that reflects the detailed planning and attention from the organization and how they are determined to make the team long lasting.

“I saw it going on in my house,” said Raptors Rookie during a conference call after the second day of Orlando Raptors practice. “They had a picture of me and my son and then one of my family members in a college game. It means a lot, man.

“It seemed like they really cared. Just looking at the pictures warmed the heart. Obviously, I miss my son every day, except for him, but one day he will understand what a father does to make a living. “

Davis said he was in his room to arrange the first room for its long existence.

“I made sure of my games, (I) recently put my clothes in my drawer, rolled it up and made it home. We’ll be here for a few months so be sure to keep it at home right now.

He said he didn’t really travel to take advantage of the facilities that are on offer from the NBA, which range from fishing trips to golf out of live DJ sets next to the pool.

“… I’m just trying to get my hands on things and try to figure out how things are going,” David said. “Sometimes it’s in my room like breakfast and sometimes it’s in the dining room. So, right now things are hanging out. Maybe I will take the initiative but now it is really a matter of business. “

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Available in things

Regular season tu is a valuable commodity during practice because teams have to rest, travel and maintain a balance of injury. While skill development and film sessions are stable, a full rehearsal once a week during the season can feel like a luxury. There is nothing to do but practice – the Raptors have 13 dates before the Los Angeles Lakers meet on August 13 – the challenge for head coach Nick Nurse is not to spread the word. Elders like Mark Gasol and Kyle Lowry will be considered, but the nurse said she plans to monitor all members of her rotation who will probably carry the burden once the competition starts.

“You get tough for a few days and then you can pull people out and start scattering around the board for a few days off and Mark is definitely a candidate for that. Apparently I would even put Pascal, Ozzy, Freddie, Kyle in this group, Serge, that we will probably observe it again individually but leave a few days there to reunite their bodies for the whole day and recharge as soon as I get back here.

There is nothing to see here

He was supposed to speak to the media for the first time since the hijacking by calling for a conference on Sunday but before the late change in plans came when he left early in practice. Given Gasol missed the first two games of the Raptor with a hamstring issue after playing a career-high 11 games in 2011-19-1, the NBA raised eyebrows to take Spain to gold in the playoffs and World Cup in the regular season.

No need to worry

“He practiced, as I said, a good part of the first beat,” the nurse said. “We started very early today, and he was right, they decided to take him back to the initial ride instead of just sitting in front of him. One of the things that came back was that you had to hang out a bit and since he was already done they just brought him back on a fast ride. “

And his hamstring?

“As far as I know, he is completely healed,” said the nurse. “And you know he looks great. His skills look great as well. Looks like he’s in good shape. I don’t see any problem. “

Let’s do it!
This is the least important thing that matters
Steps by

– Mark Gasol (@MarkGasol) July 10, 2020

The petrol diet is an inspiration

Without saying a word in public, Gasol is one of the stars of isolation, causing quite a stir with her ‘skinny gasol’ look. The 35-year-old is impressed with his teammates as he looks much better than his listed weight of 255 pounds.

“I like it, he’s in playoff mode right now,” Davis said. “He will probably tell you that he, he has been in play-off mode since (last) April and he will be in that mode. He looks really, really good, he’s going really well. He looks like a prime mark to me, so, I don’t know, man. It’s scary. “

It remains to be seen whether this could translate to a punching scoring role for the Spanish center. He has earned just 6.3 points in a game against Toronto as a valuable defender, pedestrian and screen setter since joining the Raptors after the trade period before the Gasol Championship race. Two seasons ago, he scored 1 17.2 runs per game for Memphis and 2016-16. In, he held a career-high 19.5 points.

“I probably want to make him a major cog in this offense, but the way things have been going since he came here, and this year it seems, there are a lot of people who can chip in about this thing,” the nurse said. “I think he probably has some baskets in the fourth quarter or under the tug that we can probably find and play a little bit through, because I always say that whenever we can get him the ball, good things happen, necessarily. Not a bucket from him, but good things happen (so it is) maybe if we can increase his usage rate it’s good to see again, I’m working on it, I’m not sure if it will happen, but what are we doing ( What I’m doing) is a thought to put in front of it. “

The nurse – who said she wanted to lose a few pounds on her own – spoke to Gasol – a routine run by Lockdown that was the primary feature of the epidemic that helped the cause of the big man and left little excuse for the rest of us.

The nurse said, “I didn’t ask him what his purpose was (to lose weight).” “I would imagine, just to guess his purpose, to take shape, to play at his highest level, to continue to improve as a player.

“I asked him what it was, what you did and he just said ‘Man, it was a continuation,’ it just happened again with the situation we’ve been in for the last four months, you take games and all the long road trips and deep nights. Flights and all the factors that make fitness and nutrition a little stronger take it all out and he just said it’s a consistent rhythm, eat at the same time every day, and eat very healthy clearly, and all things. “

Find a rhythm

You can’t complain to the nurse even if the schedule goes out of the hands of the team as 22 teams share three practice floors. Teams are usually assigned a three-hour block in the morning or afternoon where they need to do warm-ups, team drill work and develop individual skills.

The nurse says plenty.

“I think for four months we’ve all lost the rhythm of our lives, well, that’s probably the way we want to set them up,” he said. “You just have to be open-minded and adaptable and take it kind of empty.

“I mean, the three-hour time block is a long time that we can usually get our expanded and corrective pre-work done, start somewhere in the middle of it … to finish their main work and then you get out of it. Tape tape, get some shooting.

“You’ve seen us before, some little guys … get rid of the resilient endings and make the necessary replicas for all those stuff ‘kind of do the second session’.

“We’re trying to manage it a little bit individually, but we’re also trying to get the group work done very well.”

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