Reuters’ indomitable slip is a cause for concern about defense

Toronto – Since Nick Nurse reigned as head coach, there are many things in the game that you can identify with as “Toronto Raptors Basketball”. But the most recognizable thing is probably the team’s defense.

With two games in the third season of The Nurse, however, it seems Toronto is going through some identity crisis.

Rapper guard Kyle Lowry said after his team fell, “We’re nowhere near where we want to be defensively, but it requires hard work, dedication to watching the film, understanding who we’re playing against and adjusting to flying” to the San Antonio Spurs on Saturday night. , 119-114. “I think we’ll look at some pictures tomorrow and the next day and try to make things better instead of focusing on what we did wrong and what we did well and the bad things.”

The second loss in all they’ve played, we’re still in the early stages of the Raptors’ season, of course, but the irrational slippage we’ve had in defending them is still relevant.

In more than two games, Toronto supports an unprotected defensive rating of 111.5 and a couple of slow appearances in the rotation, giving the opponent more space to work with the ball and make decisions.

For example, well-known enemy Dimmer DeRozan fired on Toronto on Saturday for 2 points and 8 assists and fired a 10-off-1 shot from the field and surprisingly went 4-for-3 from the three-point range. Clearly, DeRozan is a great offensive player, but the Raptors didn’t give much in the way of resistance. They allow Derozan to take his time in the game and decide when, where and how he is going to attack.

This can be helped by one of the key theories of good defense: more communication.

As Toronto watchman Fred Vanville puts it, the Raptors aren’t just talking to each other enough.

“I’m not going to give credit to anyone for the communication, I was included myself,” Vanvlitt said. “It simply came to our notice then. So to answer your question, everyone on the team needs to get better at the end of communicating with themselves on the floor and I think it will help make our defense effective. I mean there is no one in the building so there is no excuse not to talk. Cool as hell there. “

In general, the Raptors were frustrated with the defense to close the season and they know it.

“It’s tough. It’s tough. I think we’ve been able to protect our boys a little bit better,” Vanvlitt said. “Individually, we have made multiple attempts. Create more slides. Find it out. This is not rocket science. I don’t mean to say it’s a thing to try. I think the guys are trying there. We got to create more drama at a higher level.

“It’s easy to say in crime, when you say that dramas can make drama, you can complete drama. But it’s the same thing in terms of defense: you have to do extra rolling, you have to get closer, you have to come to the forefront of rehabilitation. We’re trying. I think we have to perform defensively at the highest level of each possession. I don’t think we’re doing it for the whole game. We do it with enthusiasm, but I think the teams are feeling a bit more comfortable right now, or the last two teams we play.

What’s encouraging about Toronto’s defense is that the enthusiasm Vanvillet speaks of is great.

The issue of creating a strong defensive club still remains for the Raptors as they still have staff like Ozi Anunobi, Pascal Siakam and Chris Boucher on Saturday as proof.

Boucher recorded a career-high seven blocks on Saturday, and while his shot contests may come at the expense of cleaning the defensive glass, he defends his strength, trying to swathe everything around him, just as the Raptors need. Now the desire to keep it in every defensive possession is why the Raptors have turned the past two seasons into a first-come, first-served defense.

“If we can perform in the right place, I think we can be a really good defensive team,” Boucher said. “We were able to prove it every time we went out there.”

And it really should just be easier.

Yes, there are new faces to shorten this Raptors team and there is not much time to prepare these new boys for short training camps and pre-season. But the truth still remains that Toronto suffered a double loss for a team that probably shouldn’t have lost it because the club’s signature defense is still not worth nafs.

“I think it’s a lot of things that go into these, everyone adjusts to try it,” Lori said. “Your defense should be a little bit ahead of your offense right now, and we’re just kind of with everything right now, and it’s a whole new situation for everyone, but we’re 0-2 and I haven’t had this record for a long time [expletive] Time

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