‘Respect each other’s space:’ Take care of site safety, resume corners in Brookfield

BROOKFILD – There were a few people outside Von Moore in Brookfield when the store opened at 11am on Friday, May 15th.

The open door was a great welcome for buyers who are eager to return in strange ways. Brookfield Corners reopened Friday morning; It was one of the first places to buy it after the Wisconsin Supreme Court passed the “Safe a Home” rule on May 13.

Robert Gold

The CEO of Cornes in Brookfield was happy to be with them – as long as they helped themselves and other vendors safely. Happy though, he said it’s not just a business.

“I hear the money from our customers wanting to go out and buy,” says Robert Gold. “We’re not empowering them to reopen.”

Retail outlets like Von Maurer may open when they see fit. Nothing.

“Some developers haven’t opened yet because they’re not ready to open,” Gold said. “They have their own recruitment set. They should be trained to bring in staff. “

In the Brookfield corner

Clearers, meanwhile, are spending extra time cleaning the burn, elevator and general areas. Sanitation equipment and reminders have also been provided through management that consumers have also taken part in protecting this land.

“People have come, and we want them to come, but we all have to work together,” Mr. Gold said. “Let’s respect each other. This is our message.

Josh smiled

One customer told Fox6 News that caution is in order.

“Unless people are smart and businesses are smart and how they want to reopen, I feel like it’s good that we’re making progress,” “It’s hard to be a few months … I’m so glad I’m back at the restaurant.”

Shoppers also said they would try to move out of the mall if it meant they could leave the house and go public.

Store workers, store managers, security agents and cleaners are all following the CDC’s proposed mask. Free masks are available at the office, but consumers should not wear one.

According to Gold, six restaurants will open in a week, but may not be open for meals. Customers are encouraged to come forward as some retailers are closed.



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