Recordings show LAPD officers smashing car windows for arrest after looting

The viral video shows the moment when Los Angeles Police Department officials dramatically reprimanded the windows so that the alleged robbers removed a new car from the snatched car that they saw lying outside the newly looted Urban Outfitters store. Excitement can be felt in the recording of the arrest of these robbers dramatically by the police.

It was quite strong. Several LAPD officials were on the scene to handle the situation. However, the short video does not tell the whole story, instead it only indicates when things have escalated. There are still laws that need to be followed.

The clothes of the city have been looted

Los Angeles is one of several cities in the country where businesses have been looted and destroyed in protest of George Floyd’s death after a Minneapolis police officer leaned over his neck.

Lots of injustice should not be tolerated in civil society. This does not mean respect for the dead.

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From TMZ:

Law enforcement sources said TMZ7 tracked down a helicopter that dropped urban outfitters from a looted store in Hollywood on Wednesday. When the police on the ground got into the car, we told the driver that he had started the engine হচ্ছে he was said to be leaning towards a policeman. As you can see, several officers smashed the side window to get the driver and passengers out of the car. They allegedly refused to leave on their own. One woman appeared to have suffered minor damage as a result of the broken glass, and became stiff when other women tried to stop it. According to law enforcement sources, the tribe was dressed in urban outfits – they still have labeled products on them – according to law enforcement sources. They said everyone in the car was smashed and the driver was ordered to attack with a deadly weapon – an officer accused of driving

You can watch the LAPD arrest below in the Instagram video below.

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The mayor of Los Angeles has robbed the police

The crisis comes at a time when Los Angeles officials are actually considering dismissing police. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcity cut the police budget to $ 100-150 million after workers protested in front of his home.

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In fact, protesters chanted “Protect the police!”

He called for and demanded social isolation, but in the midst of being completely surrounded by protesters, he did not object to violating his own rules during the coronavirus epidemic.

Do you think the virus is taking a break from protests or riots?

After weeks of calling for strict social distance, amid the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, Mayor Eric Garcetti pulled off his blue Los Angeles Dodger mask, joined the crowd and fell to his knees: // / f42K

– Artemis Mushtaghian (@ArtemisChats), 3 June 2020

Who will come and protect the people of Los Angeles? Not everyone can afford personal protection.

The police are there to protect us all. And if they are not there, God help us.

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