Receipts for Cardi B Calling Dark Skinned Women ‘Monkey’ and ‘Roach’ surpass fans

Cardi B fans are unveiling some of the rapper’s past comments that were offensive to members of the black community. Not only that, but in a few previous tweets and videos, men were accused of being drugged and robbed while being foreign dancers. But the most surprising thing is that fans say that Cardi’s fake Instagram account published negative posts about Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, Megan Thee Stallion and several other female artists.

Transphobic early in career
Dark-skinned women make fun and call them monkeys and roach
– Drugs and men have been sent for snatching
Bodyguards agreeing to beat the strippers are cheating on her man with her
Nicki Minaj of the #Cardibisovarpi Party throws a shoe at Fashion Week

– ⁷ Sarah: (@ Chalmetval6) June 25, 2020

The answers to what fans are searching for now. Cardi responded to this claim and what he wanted to say made the whole situation very confusing.

Fans say Cardi B in three shades at Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion

The hashtag #CardibiOverParty has gained momentum on Twitter, as fans have been exposed to comments made by the rapper in the past and on separate Instagram accounts. In this account, Cardi comments to other female singers and rappers as baseless which has upset people a lot. Now we all know that Cardi kept some beef with Nicki Minaj in the past, but Nicki was among those who complained that Cardi overshadowed her posts. The rap trio Migos has released the song “Motor Sport” in 2018 featuring both Nicky and Cardi. Lots of people believed that their verses in the song were directed towards each other. This was just the beginning of the drama between them.

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At New York Fashion Week in September 2018, Nicky and Cardi were talking to each other at an event. As a result, Cardi became infamous for Rah Ali, one of Nikki’s employees. It explains his beef with Nikki, but people don’t understand why Cardi would talk smack about Ariana, Megan and Lil Kim.

Cardi took to Instagram to clear her name

The rapper posted a five-minute video of how he saw his name trending on Twitter and all the allegations were just lies. He said the fake Instagram account did not belong to him and that it was a private account so he could not see the content. “Let me make this clear, I’m not a 15-year-old girl who does fake Instagrams that talk about celebrities. My whole life, my whole baby. To feed my baby, it takes me about 35 minutes to bathe her hair and do her hair, then I want to do my own cousin thing. “I didn’t have time to do this,” he said.

He also talked about how not to keep any beef with Ariana or Megan and he cleaned it up with Megan. “There was a white man at the back of the page,” he said, noting that he had investigated the page and looked for the person who created it. The other artists drawn into the play have yet to resolve it but it could be a vicious act to try to ruin a referee’s career entirely.

Excluding the Instagram drama, people are canceling Cardi B for other reasons

But just because he denies the claim that he has a fake Instagram account so that other artists are raped does not mean that fans have still forgiven him. Screenshots of several tweets from Cardi’s account show the rapper referring to black women as “roach”.

There were also several videos posted where Cardi openly talked about men being drugged while being a stripper in the past. Then he would take them back to their hotel room and rob them.

He said he would promise to have sex with men and then take them to a hotel room and rob them with drugs and steal their money and that was his excuse because he had to survive #CardiBIsOverParty

– Stream TrollJLBLM: (@barbbdrip) June 25, 2020

For him, he explained what he had to do to survive. But people think that he must have taken it overboard and there was no need to take such a drastic illegal step to make money.

I see #cardibiooverparty trending. Will we finally think about how he thinks that by taking great kind of revenge or risking his life with trans women he has put the lives of trans women at risk? Or are we just going to do that slide?

– BJ Colangelo (@bjecolangelo) June 25, 2020

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Do you think Cardi B should be dismissed for his past comments and alleged fake Instagram accounts? Or do you think it’s just a hateful incident that tried to expose him?


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